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  1. Its not the generator itself but what's in front of it. If your system is designed properly these days the generator is powering a regulated power supply. Almost like a big UPS but for the purpose of keeping the power at a constant output level despite any minor ups or downs in the generator output which will also have additional circuitry to adjust the speed of the generator.
  2. I wouldn't pay any attention to anyones claims when tables and statistics are concerned if I were you. I'm strictly a let me see for myself and I'll know what my judgement is. That's like you claiming I'm in the top .5 percent of the population because I can write assembly language. Unless there's a large enough sample and very controlled circumstances which are acknowleged for each test, just another unsubstantiated claim. People can stand on both sides with all the charts and graphs they want. I am quite capable of deciding for myself as I'm sure all of you are. Buy or rent whatever you wish and make up your own minds. Learn to see what you can make them do in your hands. I've spent enough time with various formats and I have my own ideas of how I can push a certain stock or how I'd like to see a particular scene blocked for interesting but effective coverage. None of that came out of an operators manual. I picked up a Red in January and still have less than six months experience with it. So far I've had no technical issues at all. I'm aware some colleagues have had some problems and since I wasn't there personally I won't comment either way. Certainly first hand experience will give me the same direct knowledge I've always relied on. What anyone else does is up to them and they are completely entitled.
  3. The reversal stocks I remember shooting in the 70's were 7252 and 7242.
  4. I have found the indie dolly has multiple modes and the track can be adjusted from wide mode as seen below to narrow mode to fit even through a narrow bathroom door. The configuration show below has a small crane attached. I have a ton of different configurations including a four position seat for the dolly, remote control vista head, crane extensions, etc. etc. The crane can be shortened or lengthened as required.
  5. DV Rack works great but I still use a Sony field monitor.
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