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  1. Ironman was RoboCop2 wihout the kid and the cool suitcase submachine.
  2. Yeah, that's funny. This is my last post. I thank everyone who has responded to my threads in the past. I'm not going to become a cinematographer but will continue reading this site's forums. I'm in L.A. now, time to play the game. Thanks for the guidance. Niki Mundo
  3. I guess it's subjective. Sorry Allen, I guess you're gonna have to ignore me now.
  4. It can be a collaborative effort. Or it could be a dictatorship. And I'm the dictator. Nobody would work with me if I sucked. That's probably for the best, Chris. We never liked each other.. I've never disrespect anyone here. This being a technical forum I tend to shoot the sh-t a bit but if that's rufffles the feathers of some it certianly entertains others and that's why we're in this business, aren't we, to entertain? So far as set "procedure" I'm really interested in changing that. I love the logic around here!
  5. I'm not interested in what makes a quality picture. Everything is so pretty perfect these days. Sharp, perfectly exposed fascist imagery. All brought to you by the media complex that is currently bleeding out taking the spent maggot baby boomers with it. Hipster chic demands that I head in the opposite direction and seek out examples of "bad cinematography".. flat, poorly lit, out of focused, boom in the shot, etc.. What are some examples of badly shot films I should check out? I'm thinking larger, like "1492" Thanks!
  6. Yeah, were is your Lear Jet? Chillax, my "Shitass attitude" suits me just fine. Just because I want to produce quality entertainment doesn't mean I won't. Why KY jelly?Why not just dry? It's gonna hurt regardless..
  7. This has been a big few weeks for me here in L.A., trying to find employment in the film industry, getting no where fast and then getting work but not much which is called "paying your dues". Well I've decided I don't want to pay my dues, I want to helm and command asap. This student film I work on what a somewhat stupid 1940's film noir throw-back, I'm sure if I continue "paying my dues" I'll be working on car commercials,infomericals and whatever crap until I finally get that cash-cow WB syndicated series when I turn 30. By that time I'll be known whithin the the scene as a hard-working AD or something.. I have little regard for rank-file positions and almost immediately after coming onto this student film set I wanted to tell people what to do! I wanted to fire the DP, a mouthy girl who thought she was the director. And then fire the director because she was a mouse and I couldn't understand why she was in charge except her rich mommy was roaming around the set (kick her off the set too.) Every shot they did I wanted to say something, I would stand there and have the hardest time not saying something! Plus I think modern sets are bloated and actors are losers for the most part. I wanna beat ,really beat, alot of them into the ground. I know this sounds dark,violent and "bad attitudey" but I could care less. I'm gonna step up on the backs of these people. And how can I get a agent? So I have my script Ideas, where can I get a good writer at? What are the advantages of filming "independant" in L.A.?
  8. Maybe for you hater, but I'm part of New Hollywood. Young, ambitious- extremely talented. Don't be surprised If I have a major studio deal by the end of this year. I plan on purchasing a Santa Monica compound by next summer. Everyone here will be invited, we'll party untill dawn!
  9. It was actually on top of the dumpster, a bunch of it, un-soiled and folded into a large box. I got the job off CL.
  10. Yesterday I P.A.'ed on a Chapmen U student film from noon-12pm at a club. It wasn't payed but it was professional and it was shot on 35mm,Arri3BL and fancy lights,a mole and richarson generator etc.. I worked with one other P.A. and together we helped wrangled extras's, move non-important equipment, set up tables and chairs for the meal, etc.. my feet were killing me by the end of the day. The gaffer was the only "industry" guy there and everyone else was either a Chapman student or was whatever. He chainsmoked cigarettes and was talking about "losing" his DP, and how the writers screw everyone because they wanted animation and something else back from IATSE and now the teamsters make mistreat them at every oppurtunity. His said it was "war" now. He was quite entertaining. I think the catering guys were payed in prescription drugs because they were all jumpy and they mentioned the AD was giving them Vicodin if they came down. I also stood out! At the start of the shoot the property owner didn't want cables layed on the carpet, one of AD's was gonna send us out to get cardboard at Home Depot a ways away. I said I could just go find some real quick in one of the dumpsters in an alley, which I did 5 minutes later. At the end of the day both AD's thanked me profusely and said that I saved their ass's on that one. The gaffer was also "way to hustle!".
  11. I could Greg! Or I could do it L.A. and stay close to the herd. With world-class DP's, acting talent and fianacing. And the weather is nicer, alot nicer.
  12. yeah guys, I'm just bitchin' about CL. I'll still look for work there. I'm just inexperienced and then comes the whining. I wouldn't do that on the phone or on a set- swear. But here on some board, yes. I'm greatful for all wealth of responses and collective knowledge here about all things filmmaking. It's my only connection to the industry at the moment and when you're living in a van, alone, with hot weather and spanish in the night air it's comforting when I go to the cafe' in the morning to have my $1 coffee and sit for 3 hours until the library opens. I'm just gonna have to try harder!
  13. Alright. I'm going to hit the bricks next week and go to door-door physical places. Thanks for the replies.
  14. I'm gonna get a regular job here in L.A. (like at Arby's) and then self-finance my own films like the "$30 film school guy",Mark Pirro,Rick Scmidt "films at used car prices" after a year or two I'll start making enough that I can do my own tromo pictures thing (I've been studying indie distribution models and I can make money..). And maybe put my profits into other people's projects. I'm too NuHollywood to take orders from subprime productions.. the only stuff I like anyways are indie films and PBS. And you guys. It's never been easier to make and distribute your own stuff. I'm here in L.A. which has an abundance of talent, crew, equipment and labs. That's what I'm gonna do. And I'll PAY people working on my film(s) from my Arby's wages..
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