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  1. Hello, Just bought a Yaeger Sr. Cart a few months back and looking to buy some accessories for it. Specifically I am looking for a Ronford Baker quick release plate or a knock off if it is built well. Also looking for a Yaeger trough, Yaeger tripod hooks with mitchell mount and Yaeger dove tail mount base. If anyone is selling any of these items please contact me! Shoot me an email at ryanmhor@gmail.com Thanks!
  2. I am looking to purchase a laser distance measurer and was curious if anyone could recommend some models with features that would best benefit a 1st. How accurate and dependable do you find them to be? I can always 100% depend on my tape measure because its tangible. Do you guys feel 100% confident in your laser measurers as you do in your tape measurers? Thanks
  3. Hello, Was wondering if anybody could give some advice about this situation. I am shooting a commercial for a class on a Panavision G2 with tungsten stock. We are shooting on the 5th floor of a library where one side is a wall of windows with sunlight pouring in. Overhead there are countless fluorescent fixtures which are impossible to gel with minus green. Because some simple souls tripped a breaker on a previous shoot, we cannot use any juice inside the library and therefore we will have no other lighting besides the sunlight and the fluorescents. If I throw an 85 filter on the camera to correct for the daylight, what will that do to the fluorescents? I've heard that fluorescents uncorrected will look very green. Anybody have any suggestions as to how I could balance everything out. Thanks Ryan
  4. Have a MKII DOF Calculator that I'm ready to part with. Some slight wear from being used over the years. All the etchings/markings are perfectly visible and the unit functions as it should. Pictures upon request. Please e-mail me at rmhor@comcast.net if interested. Thanks -Ryan
  5. Jeff, Thank you very much for that clear and concise explanation and for taking the time to write back. That helped a great deal. Thanks so much again, Ryan
  6. This is a situation that was given in a class of mine, which I didn't fully understand the solution too. My professor is not the easiest guy to get some time with, so I decided to post the situation here instead to get some help. I guess the whole point he was trying to make was to be able to balance two extreme readings of tungsten and daylight, even if the situation doesn't make much sense. Or perhaps I completely misunderstood the situation. In my notes I have a Daylight ext./tungsten int. situation, an HMI int./daylight ext. situation and a night situation with a city view through the window and tungsten lit int. If none of this makes sense to you, perhaps you could just help me to understand the general principles of balance? Thanks David, Ryan Mhor
  7. Hello, Consider this balance situation. Let's say you are shooting in one room of an apartment in San Francisco. The apartment has a room with a spectacular view of the city out of a window. It has been decided that in this particular room, there will be a shot including both the interior of the room with it's tungsten light and a partial view out of the closed window with daylight coming through. Lets say your getting a reading of 2 from the light inside the room and a reading of 22 from the window daylight. It's ok for the exterior to be overexposed by a stop/stop and a 1/2. What type of film would you use and why? What tools (roscoe scrims, ND gels, 85 filters etc.) and methods would you use to balance the light in this situation to obain a proper exposure? I know everything is generally speaking, I just wanted some feedback on how you guys would go about shooting this situation. Any information would be extremely helpful as I am just beginning to learn about cinematography. Thanks, Ryan
  8. Has anyone ever taken Doug Hart's Assistant Camera summer workshop in Rockport Maine? If anyone has taken this workshop, could you please comment on your experience? How well do you think the workshop prepared you for future work as a 1st and 2nd AC? How proficient were you with Panavison and Arriflex cameras after taking the course? From what I read it sounds amazing, but I don't quite know what to expect. Feedback from anyone who has taken the workshop would be incredibly helpful. Thanks
  9. Hello All, I was wondering if anyone has spent the summer at the Maine Workshops in their Cinematographers Residency Program? If anyone has, could you please write a little something about your experience? I have done a lot of research on their website and it looks amazing, but I would like to hear from someone that was actually in the program. Also, If anyone has a comment about the individual classes offered there, please feel free to comment on those as well. Thanks, -Ryan
  10. Thanks for the information Ric. I just got off the phone with Cortney and he seems like a really nice guy. He gave me a ton of information. Apparently, even though Panavision does not advertise the program in any way, they still receive thousands of applications every year. It makes sense why it is hard to find information on the program. Do you know anyone Ric who went through the program that I could possibly contact to get some feedback on the interview process and everything? I talked to Cortney about his expectations, but it would be spectacular if I could contact someone who went through the program to see what they did to get there. Thanks again Ric, You have been most helpful. -Ryan
  11. Hello all, During my many many hours of internet research on the subject of Cinematography Education, i've come across some very brief, vague descriptions of some sort of 2 year program offered by Panavision that trains and assists hopefuls wanting to break into the camera department. I am not sure if it's an internship, a post-graduation program of some sort or something else. The only thing I do know is that it exists and it is very difficult to find information on. Unfortunately, the people who have made references to this program on the internet have never listed their e-mail addresses for questions. There is no information on Panavison's website abut any such program. Is there anyone who knows anything at all about this 2 year Panavision program? Has anyone even heard of the program? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, -Ryan
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