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  1. Thanks John, Do you know the thickness of the sheets you used? also, how did you go about putting them behind windows without any light leak?
  2. Hi, I'm gonna have to shoot a series of shots (some part of the same scene) in a room with huge windows facing north on the ground level. Due to actors' scheduling I'm going to have to shoot day for night, I prefer to heavily ND the windows (as oppose to black-out) to at least get some depth and definition outside, my question is where do I start with this? how heavy of ND and should I go with ND 85 instead, what if on the shooting day the sky is all fluffy clouds going in and out of the sun? any input would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks Adrian, I'll definitely let you know if I do it this way... Anybody else? any suggestions?
  4. Thanks, although I understand the problem with flashes having such short and quick snap of light, and that's why I'm planning to have a few cameras flashing all at the same time, so the overlap of the flashes compensates for the lack of enough timing...this is my dilemma, weather I'm being on the right track about having multiple flashes overlapping.....any ideas?
  5. Hi, I'm shooting this low-budget doc on HD...there is a scene of this man working in his office at night while there is lightening happening outside...we're shooting on location and there are no windows in the shot ...I've been thinking about low-budget ways of doing this...i.e. hiring a welder (which I'm not sure about the effects) and or using a shutter on an HMI (which I really don't like) etc. Today I had an idea that I thought I share with you and get some expert advice...the idea is to have a few still cameras and have them to flash quickly within a few seconds...I'm thinking of positioning the cameras so that they're standing to camera's side (lets say left side) and have them to have their backs to the axis of the camera, pointing their flash at a 8by4 piece of styrofoam...this is because I want to make the source look bigger as if it's comming from a big window out of the frame...so once again let's say if the camera is at 6 o'clock, the subject is at 12 o'clock..the still cameras are at 9 O'clock with their back to the centre of the clock....(hope it's clear ) has anyone done this before? what is your opinion on this technique? I can probably test this with one camera, it'll be only for the shooting night that I'd be able to afford three or more flashes, so my testing abilities are limited...any advice would be really appreciated...thanks.
  6. I'm wondering if I can edit my meta data...I want to put the name of the shooter for three cameras I'm taking on the road...any help?
  7. How do I go about deleting a selected clip on HVX200? is this possible at all? thanks in advance...
  8. Thanks Kiarash, is there anybody else out there willing to share their experience on this topic? thank you all in advance
  9. I'm wondering what are some people's experiences with a night ext scenario in which you see the "moon" reflecting in a body of water (Lake, pond, ocean) in the BG...any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I want to shoot this cop scene with a 45 degree shutter angle and at a variety of speeds i.e 24fps, 36 fps and 48fps. ( this is in north america so 60hz) I'm not sure yet if my HMIs are going to be equipped with flicker free ballasts though...can anyone tell me if I'll be fine...thanks..
  11. Hello, I'm shooting outside during the day with a 500asa Tung stock, I have a 85b correction and want to shoot it with a 45 degree angle...so to set my lightmeter's ISO, is this calculations correct? -2 stops comp for shutter, brings me down from 500 to 125 -2/3 stop (which I'm going to put as 1 full stop) for 85b which brings me down from 125 to 64 ISO Is 64 asa correct? thanks a bunch in advance...
  12. I'm shooting a music video on S16mm and we're shooting in a night/dance club...I've scene a few club scenes here and there and there is always a "search light" type that flares the lense every once in a while...how do I go about creating that? what about any tips on shooting a vibrant, colourful night club scene? I appreaciate your time in advance
  13. I'm shooting a plate of dim sum for a commercial company...the back ground is going to be blue screen. Any advice on how to light a china plate? how to deal with reflections? thanks in advance.
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