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  1. i've tryd all kinda computers still, firewire just don't work any more do u guyz think that sony can replace this peace
  2. hi there, me and a friend of mine are about too start a production company, we already did a lotta music video's for some cats down here in the netherlands too keep our work out there and the buzz alive, now we are about too take a office or a house, and work this thing out into a real production company, could anybody give us some tips & tricks and how the industry works, how do we get thinks started and how can we get the real work, i am mostly the director & editor and my partner is the cameraman & doing the busness talk with clients, our portofolio is built up with alotta peopl
  3. so u say i should edit first the dv part and then remove it from my editingline and put the uncompressed one in place & move all the extra i did with the dv one (colour correcting & such) too the uncompressed one and then render the whole thing & should i choose dv in the codec option of the export preset in apple motion or should i leave it on animation
  4. Hello , i am curently working on a video clip, and just finished the keying in motion, now i wanna move too final cut pro to do the last finishing touches, usualy i do lossless, bu then in final cut i have too render everytime i do something, now i was wondering what u guyz do when u move from program 2 program, whats the best method or the best codec in compressor thanks ps: my english might be terrible for sum of you, i am not english i am doing my best 2 communicate with y'all forgive me for that peace
  5. i was wondering how u guyz do your edits i am talking mostly about music video's with a lotta filter effects going on in use with final cut pro, & after effects and maybe apple motion i capture my footage in dv, do the edit in final cut pro put the song in sync export it as a quicktime file, and then goes too after effect to do my effects and layering (how can i use after effect while i am still in final cut so i dont have too export the whole movie) anyway, after after effect i take it maybe too motion for sum motion effects and then send it too compressor and make a quickti
  6. i was wondering, if i would like too go pro, could i make it in somewhere between 5years hardworking, i am really thinking about living everything behind and give myself a shot
  7. i was wondering i its possible to capture 1080/50i intermediated on a macbook pro core 2 duo, & a macpro & is it also possible 2 shoot dv uncompressed sd and capture it like that sorry for my english i am doing my best. hopefully someone can help me out, peace
  8. sorry phil i am not american , i speak 5 languages, and if i can;t spell its all about communicating, we are not tryng too wright a book here, but thanks for the idea i will think about it.
  9. hallo there, i am a new member here, i ve been on a lotta cinema forums but this one seems to be the best for me first of all let me introduce myself, my name is bouba dola, i live in the netherlands and i was wondering what should i do best, i am actually thinking about getting next schoolyear into a film school here in the netherlands or move out too a bigger land and get there into the filmschool (like new york or la, sumwhere in the us) i actually already can use final cut pro, been working on it since final cut 2, and since i was a kid i've been messing around with cams, nowadays i can s
  10. i got a sony hdv cam and since yesterday my firewire port doesnt, i am tryng to import some dv footage on through final cut pro but the cam doesnt get regonize, and the same in imovie or even on a pc with windows movie maker, i already reset the cam but still it doesnt, do somebody here got the same problem with there sony fx1, or is this weird (sorry for my flat english i am from the netherlands) thank u
  11. yeah its really great i got the same cam , but since yesterday i cant import through firewire does anybody know wuts going on
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