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  1. Thanks! That was refreshing. I won't discuss your comments, but just add that the story comes from a woman, and the film is co-directed by a woman. Actually... 'cept for me, there's women in this project in all major roles. That said. Thanks a lot for taking your time to see and comment. really (no sarcasm. It was good to get this response) appreachiate it! Cheers! G
  2. Hi I am in the final stage of a project I have been working on for a while and am currently looking for feedback. Both quoteable and unquoteable. Black & white. Shot on R1 M. Graded in color. Dark, hopefully somewhat humourous and still about subjects I do care about. Here's one initial response: "Sanctuary was perfect. Dark woods full of swinging cocks, gorgeous blond waif, breathless anticipation of pleasure/danger and a narration given in a "once upon a time" fairy tale voice with a mischievous lilt and spot on nuance. You can feel the smile curling upward. Loved all of it." Here's the link: Password is sanctuary I'll leave it open for 24 hours. If you have any smart distribution ideas, I'd appreachiate it, as I am currently totally broke... :) It does contain nudity and is probably 18+ in a few countries. Cheers! Gunleik
  3. Hi. I have started to jot down some notes on my impressions of Epic after first day of testing. The posts and images are over @ reduser for now. Dunno if I am allowed to post a direct link to another forum, but it is in the "Epic" section and is named "1st 24 hours with an Epic" I will roll it all into an article on my website eventually, but that may take some time... Cheers Gunleik
  4. I'd suggest you check my test... Cheers! G
  5. http://www.gunleik.com/tests/alexmx/ Cheers Gunleik
  6. http://www.gunleik.com/tests/alexmx/ Cheers Gunleik
  7. Hi We're considering a set of Optika Elite T 1.3's as an option, but have never tested them. Some questions: 1 General opinions 2. Build and mechanical quality (compared to SuperSpeed MK II/III) 3. Focus marks. Are they precise and sufficient? 4. Optical quality and consistency? 5. Servicability (These lenses will be used a lot...) 6. Any other input greatly appreachiated. They are considered as an option instead of another set of Superspeeds or standards from Zeiss (thus not an alternative to Ultras or Masters, which we already have a set of...) Cheers! Gunleik Groven
  8. Offhollywoods Epic 006 was stolen in France today. http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?t=53549
  9. I might be concidered an unprofessional on this forum, despite the fact that I spend every working day on on features or TV series. It makes me a living at least... Thus it is my profession... Still I am happy to see the first non-studio Epic in the free: http://twitpic.com/photos/OFFHOLLYWOOD Cheers! G
  10. The exchange was rather public. If someone had asked to buy MY RED for 200k, I would of course sell...
  11. Yup. The Rocket is realtime. & Norway is small... Budgets are low, so we have to find effective workflows. RED has been effective compared to other options... And I think RED has had the most impact first in smaller markets. Qualitywise and ease of use, and speed, I find it hard to imagine much speedier workflows. But I am of course refering to an offline-online workflow. Offline prores (transcoded on set) Online RAW/DPX Granted Norway is small, but shooting dualcam and into the editing suite in the end of the day, can be much faster than that - if you don't want to start the edit before the shoot is done. 1080 offline files for editing - like from Alexa... Online RAW or whatever format you like. We've been using DPX/AJAlog Probably will go RAW with Resolve, when it materialises... Where's the bottleneck? I don't say it's not there, I just don't see it. It's on par with P2... Qualitywise I think it's hard to argue that RAW is a disadvantage. Pirates is of course shot on a bunch of 7D's, we all know that... -:)) Anyhow... To each his own...
  12. Well, that sounds reasonable. Point is? -:)
  13. yup... And I forgot: Easy editing, and fast turnaround from set to edit, but that's just because it's so obvious. That is compared to HDCAM SR which was the previous format of choice... Anyhow. YMMW - as always.
  14. HM. As of primetime TV-drama produced here in Norway, RED has had close to a clean slate since april 2008 for all the major series, and funny enough, REDCODE RAW has been the best post argument, all the time, even when we struggled RedCine/Crimson. AND redcode RAW is still the major argument for NOT going Alexa, but going MX RED + Epic. Simply put, your solution would be to shoot RED in the foot... That said, I wouldn't mind a 1080/2k prores module shooting 4444 redlog @ 14 bit either. But for all the advantages RED has had, dropping RAW would be more or less going out of the competitive sphere... But our experiences and milage vary, obviously... But I thing the prores Solution may be the Achilles heal of Alexa. Of course people will prefer prores over RAW, but then again they won't get the most out of their cameras. Pure speculation, of course. I'll be testing this over the next few weeks...
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