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  1. Hi Guys, does anyone have experience with shoting Sony FS7 + anamorphic lenses? Is it doable technicly- I mean like a desqueeze option in the menu, or is it done in a difrent way? I have a choice to shot a project with Alexa and prime lenses, but I woud rather go for a cheaper camera with S log and use more expensive anamorphic lenses for their look. Thanks for any advices
  2. Hi, I'll be using Zeiss Cp2 -21mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm lenses in my new project (camera F55 + F5). I need also tele lens (something between 200 and 300mm) to add to this set. Can you recomend me something decent around CP2 price range?
  3. Hi, I'll be doing a documentary as DP for television in Dubai. I don't know any organisation that colects royalties from that region. My local union (Poland) doesn't have any agreements with that region. So maybe some of you know or have experience in this matter?
  4. Hi, can enyone can recomend me a good shop in London or UK with new cinegear? I need Zeiss CP, Sachtler tripod with head and some Arri lights , Kinoflos and some accesories...
  5. Hello everybody, I'd appreciate your opinion about my work, any critique will be very halpfull to me. http://vimeo.com/34609184
  6. Hello, I'd realy appreciate feedback and criticism from you. It was shot in many different mediums- from 35mm to 5D mk II. My link
  7. Shoot on Arri 435, Panavision Anamorphic Primo Lenses, Interiors- Fuji Eterna 250D, Exteriors- Fuji eterna 500T I would appreciate any feed back, thanks.
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