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  1. Thanks. I've used an Arri BL, it was comletely silent, and really well built, but I found it quite difficult to look through, as I am left eyed and I haven't seen any Super 16 ones. It sounds like buying an Eclair can be a bit of a gamble! I heard that the build quality was better on the older ones though, that were built in France. The thing that does slightly concern me is the rubber coupling to the motors. So I suppose the rubber just perishes with age. Are there any replacements available? Recallibrating the lenses. Is that just a matter of unscrewing the focus ring and moving it round a bit? Stuart
  2. Hello all. I am doing some research into a reletively inexpensive camera and lens combination to shoot a low budget short with. The optimum so far seems to be an eclair NPR, as it can be crystal locked, is fairly quiet, takes 400' rolls of film and is easily converted to super 16mm. I was thinking about a Bolex EBM for a while but the viewfinders seem a little impractical and they are really noisy. (I have tried shooting a sound synch drama with a Bolex REX4 before and I had make an elaborate sound-proof housing for it!) Getting to the point of the question. I still want to use Switar primes, as they seemed to be fairly sharp on my old Bolex (which unfortunately I have since sold) and they are fairly cheap to buy. However, what I want to know is, do I use Switars designed for use on the non reflex Bolex cameras or the reflex ones if I buy an NPR? I have heard that the depth of focus is different in the RX ones to account for the light splitting prism. I am guessing that the C mounting on the NPR is set for a standard depth of focus and I would have to use older non-RX Switars. Am I right to think that? And can anyone tell me if there is any difference in quality between non-RX and RX Switars? Do the RX ones have better coatings or something? Regards, Stuart Mills
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