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    I am new to cinematography; I've been doing silly amateur work since I was allowed to touch the family video camera (an old 10 pound VHS monstrosity) at about 6 years old. I have always wanted to do documentary work but there is NOTHING where I live in the way of classes, etc. I know a lot about photography but not much about cinematography. So I'm trying to do as much research as I can (please, if you have any good websites or materials, let me know, I live in an engineering town and there are no resources here.) I was looking at the Canon XL-H1 (and have been since it came out). I know what HD-SDI is (by that I mean, I have a general understanding that it is the standard by which uncompressed data is transmitted) but have no idea how that is applicable. How does an HD-SDI output work? Do you hook it up to something that records the uncompressed video? What kind of standards can you record in? Can you record film quality? Broadcast quality? (Is there a difference?) Thank you! Amber
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