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  1. Thank you for the reply, good to know I have better equipment and a bigger sensor at hand. My question is mostly technical, on what specific preferences I need to put into the RED Weapon to get the Zodiac look, especially when there's rapid movement in the frame. Get Smart and Miami Voice both looked like 48fps rubbery, hence not cinematic, they didn't feel like 24fps but movements seemed stretched and bothered the eye.
  2. Hello everyone, thanks to this forum we stopped everything, found a production company with equipment and switched from a DSLR to a Red Weapon 6K. The camera we're going to use is a RED Weapon 2016 with a modified sensor from 2018. The crew has been working with it for years. What do I need to do to get a cinematic look with this camera? How do I make the look & 'movement in the frame' similar to Zodiac (2007) and not like Get Smart (2008)? Any links to tutorials, articles, videos, etc, are more than welcomed. Time for homework. Thank you in advance for your helpful answers. Camera: https://youtu.be/UN3CyK3_E8o
  3. We took a step forward, contacted an experienced cinematographer, offered him to become also a producer for the purpose of him getting an Arri camera. This script is too good and too funny to be shot with an OK camera. We're going to make an effort to get the Arri plus more equipment and crew. Thanks to everyone for their replies!
  4. We got the rights to a theatre play, finished turning it into a script and we've started preproduction. Now, the question is will you shoot a feature with the equipment listed below? I know that Netflix, for example, has a specific list of cameras they approve. Will this camera suffice for a feature? Fujifilm XT4 - 4k video resolution - 2 Mirrorless Camers Fujifilm Lens - 16mm Fujifilm Lens - 50mm Fujifilm Lens - 16mm - 80mm Fujifilm Lens - 16mm - 80mm Fujifilm Lens - 70mm - 300mm Coman - 3 Professional Tripod Ronin SC Gimbal DJI - 1 Camera Stabilization Phantom 3 Professional DJI - 1 Drone Thanks
  5. ?A surreal comedy about mid-life crisis.? Script and storyboard are all lined up. I have rehearsed with actors and already did rewritings where needed. Looking to make an ?Action-paced drama?. I need someone serious, connected and knowledgeable. Please attach a CV. (I currently live in NY). Thank you, Dor. DorSinai@gmail.com.
  6. What is the best K to shoot with? will i know by looking through the viewfinder? or should i just fix it beforehand?
  7. a big thank you for all those who answered. I will shoot with a daylight film and the screen will have a lot of full frame screen time. I must say i didnt quite get what thanasis diamantopoulos has said. im a beginner guys. Will i be in need of an 85 filter? if its daylight and i can change the screen colors in the screen itself am i all set to go? :) this Cinematography.com business Rocks.
  8. Hey I will shoot a short flick in Super 16 and i have a scene with a computer screen. i have consulted with several people. Some told me about a device called the "Phase-Shifter" but the really know-how's told me that if its LCD above 4ms (milli-seconds) then i dont need a phase shifter or anything. The screen is LENOVO L171 (LCD) 15". it says in the specification that the screen is 8ms. Im shooting at Super 16 and the screen has a lot of screen time. Thanx!
  9. Hi Guys and Gals, happy to be on this forum, I need to mount something on the BARS that will be used as a shield on the entire front side of the camera, in order to protect her. I have consulted with cinematographers already about reflections but i dont have a 16m"m camera in my town and i really need the sizes to build it. i need the sizes according to SRII but small differences are OK as long as the BARS are standard size, that is the important part. I need to know these things - if youre standing inront of the camera: 1) not including a tripod. youre standing infront of the lense - what is the haight and wideth of the camera. I dont need depth, but if you can write it too that can be great. 2) where exactly are the BARS according to the front side of the camera. For Example: lets say if the cameras haight is 28 cm then the BARS are 7 cm from the bottom and 19 cm from the top, thats is if they are 2 cm in size. 3) what is the size of the BARS. i know there is a standard size. 4) how many cm's are from BAR to BAR. and how much from each BAR to the side of the camera thats close to him. If there is some kind of blueprint that shows the front size of the camera and all the sizes and specifications that will be great! SRII, though something similar will be alright as well. again, as long as the bars are standard. Thanks a lot, if by the time ill wake up somebody already answered me ill be a happy man.
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