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  1. Hi, Would anyone know what size clip on mattebox to get in order to fit these lenses? I can't seem to find the specifications of the measurement to order the right matte box. Thanks, Jamie
  2. Hey, Where do all of you guys by your pants and shoes from? I'm starting the steadicam course on Monday and need some new footwear in order to be comfortable for the whole week. What do you guys recommend? Where to buy? I've always wondered where people buy those pants with all the pockets on? They look so comfortable. Cheers, Jamie
  3. This is going to sound like a really weird question. Is there anyway to use the HVX-200 as a sort of SD capture device? I want to run my xbox through the RCA inputs on the HVX and then record that to P2 and then import into final cut. Is that possible? Cheers, Jamie
  4. Awesome. I doubt we will be able to go to all of these places but we've arranged to go to a couple so thanks! I just got back from running around on Hollywood Blvd at the Highland Centre with the 35-III at 11pm. We got some awesome shots of the general hustle and bustle, hand held was interesting. The shots of the mountains and then the grimey hollywood scene should give our little selection of shots some nice contrast. We shot on the new 250D today and then shot the 5219 for hollywood. Pushing the 19 a stop should bring out the real grainy and grimey look of the hollywood by night scenes. Just thought I would let you guys know what we've been doing. Thanks for your help
  5. Hey guys, A couple of friends and I are going to be traveling around the So Cal area this weekend with an Arri 35-III shooting some exteriors for stock tests. We will have around 4000ft to roll hopefully. I just wondered if anyone knows of any really beautiful places they can recommend to get some awe inspiring shots. Waterscapes? Mountain ranges? Landscapes? Bridges? Valleys? Anything and everything really. We're doing this for experience and for educational purposes. If anyone can let me know any spots on certain roads around the area that would be fantastic. Cheers guys, Jamie
  6. I can't believe how many replies I have had regarding this matter. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to give this much needed advice. I had an email a couple of hours ago saying there is an opening for the 5 day workshop on the 18th May in PA. I have weighed up all the different advice on this topic - I think I'm going to take the course, that way I will know for sure. If I don't do it it will be bugging me for the rest of the year, I'm going to take a chance and if it doesn't work out then well, at least I tried. To sit and back and not take the space on the course will just kill me. Let me tell you guys that I know it's a long hard road to be successful in anything in this industry, I don't consider myself a 'smartguy' student who thinks he can do everything after being in film school for 3 years, I'm not that naive. I come from a hard working background and hard work ethic is part of my genes. I knew no one in the film industry when I first came out here but that did not deter me. I'm here and I'm ready to do this. Cheers guys, Jamie.
  7. Thanks for your sound input Charles, I really appreciate it. Phil Rhodes' post sort of cut me at the knees a little bit and I was disappointed. I have learnt that nothing in this industry is easy and nothing just 'comes' to anyone, you have to work hard to achieve what you want. I am more than ready to do this, this is my passion, I chased my dream and came over here from the UK to study cinematography. I am here now and all I want to do is to thrust myself into this industry as much as possible. Steadicam fascinates me beyond anything I have ever encountered and I would just love to experience it and work with it, thats why I'm posting here, to gather the opinions of working professionals like yourself.
  8. Wow, thanks for that. I mean, that is a bit of an extreme statement is not? How can you say I will never be as good as them? They had to start somewhere, there was a time where they had never flown a steadicam before. Am I right? You're right in saying in should be an obsessive thing, and for me it is, I have never been paid to work on anything, in fact, a few times I've lost out due to paying gas for traveling to locations miles away from my home in Los Angeles to operate and AC on productions - The thing is I don't even mind one bit. I'm doing this, and want to be doing this for the rest of my life, it's not a job for me it's an artistic career (thats cheesy but true). If I was bothered about not being paid now, that would be a serious issue. It's not like I imagine myself working on big hollywood productions on 4 years time, I want to start at the bottom of the ladder, I have no choice in the matter. But I have to start somewhere, would you agree?
  9. I get some work as an OP already, I've done a lot of AC work. I'm looking to branch out and broaden my horizons. I guess attending the workshop could do no harm? I have an understanding of ons et politics, finding work at the moment is tough, I thought maybe expanding my skills as a camera operator could help greatly.
  10. Thanks for your reply. I am planning on buying a rig. Thing is, I'm 21 years old, is it realistic to say I will get work as an op if I own my own rig and I am trained at a workshop? I know steadicam requires years of experience, but where do I start? If I throw down 49,000 dollars on a steadicam and attend the course will I be able to find work or will it be a gross waste of money? These are the things I need to weigh up. I will be living and working in the UK. Is there a serious demand for steadicam ops in the UK? Cheers, Jamie
  11. I've been looking to attend a 5 day steadicam workshop. The one's in PA fill up pretty quickly and I'm moving back to the UK soon. Could anyone provide me with some quick info on workshops in the UK? Or maybe some good short courses in the Los Angeles area? Cheers Jamie
  12. Hey Guys, So I'm looking to invest in some p2 cards. A 16GB and a 32GB. I live in Los Angeles. I have checked ebay and the usual places I just wondered if there was anywhere in paticular selling them at really good prices? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Jamie McIntyre
  13. Here are some stills I took with my iPhone. The lighting set up was pretty basic but I got what I needed. It was fun too! Please bear in mind that it was all school equipment!
  14. Haha I do love film! I just got back from day 1 of the shoot. The camera is pretty heavy but it is manageable. We tried to get Ultra Primes from the camera house but they didnt have the focal lengths we wanted so they gave us the Master Primes for a VERY good price. It really does create a spectacular image, the whole of the camera department is stoked to be working with these amazing lenses. Our focus puller is doing a great job too. We had a shot today that racked from 60 feet to 1 foot 5 inches and it was perfect the, invisible in fact. Considering it was his first time ever seeing these lenses let alone pulling on them he did a great job. I'm just loving working with these great lenses. I will post our completely ghetto (student :P) camera set up on Sunday. It should provide you with some good laughs! :)
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