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  1. Hi, Just started diving (no pun intended) on this technique and would like to discuss with anybody trying it. I'd like to be putting some kind of diary of my evolution on this post if anybody interested. Has anybody tried this way of lightning? Any tips or experiences? Cheers!
  2. Hi, I'm a working AC/DIT and aspiring cinematographer, with some credits as a DP. I've been toying with the idea of improving my education (2 years of media school, a bunch of short courses) with some formal training in cinematography. I was looking for some 1 year program centered in cinematography and lightning. I've just found about these Extension Program with a concentration in Cinematography in UCLA and seems to fit my mind, at least in the time / money way. I'm wondering if this program would be worth it. I'm looking for something like the MA in Cinematography in NFTS in UK, but I don't think I can stop my career going here for so long. Also I'm really interested in having a try in LA industry as a spark or AC while studying, so I'm applying for a temp green card. How's the procedure with unions to get some internship or temp jobs there? Any recommendations? Thanks! Jose
  3. http://www.vimeo.com/2606467 I've uploaded a temp demo reel at Vimeo while I got all the works from 2008 sorted. Would like to hear your opinions. Everything from 35mm to dv, no RED yet (still on the works) Thanks! Jose
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a 1 year max. program in hands-on cinematography. Ideally, in the Los Angeles - San Francisco area, but also considering New York. I've been considering (dreaming of) the AFI and NFTS uk programs, but cannot devote 2 years to it (apart from even got selected). Money is not exactly an issue. I'm a working tv cameraman with experience as gaffer and assistant camera / DIT in commercials and some features, but my formal education was more media based (TV, some film), and I'm looking for something to aim my career at dping, and open myself to american and canadian markets. I've been considering the LA Film School, but really don't know if it will fit my needs (I'm not interested in topics I've already studied such as production, film studies, etc...), since I'm looking for something more cinematography-centered. The Maine Workshop's cinematography residency seems pretty much what I'm looking for, but I cannot find any info on prices and it's a bit far from the industry. I would like to devote some of my time to apprenticeships or collaborations. Hope anybody can recommend a program, wether in California area or New York that could fit my needs. Thanks Jose
  5. SG PRO Mini 35 Film Depth of Field Filmmaker's Kit SGPRO R2 DOF Adapter with 72-82mm thread Rails and support Mattebox with rotating filter threads Follow Focus with whip and focus gears Start Price : 99 USD http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...E:X:AAQ:US:1123
  6. Thanks!. It was a really hard work, not just from my team, but also from the production and art department, pulling such nice sets out of thin air and hard work. You can have the best camera and gear, but without something inspiring to thow light at... In this case, both the locations and sets were simply magnificent. There were very little FX shots on this, basically erasing mikes and other 'shooting problems'. I don't remember it exactly, but as far as I now, just one of the long shots of the cathedral were enhanced by a grad filter in Apple Color, so all other shots were shot clean, or, in very few cases, with a GRAD ND or GRAD CHOCOLATE. There's no composition in this short in the strict term, apart from motion tracking and painting objects to be erased. Please feel free to contact me via private or trought my website. Cheers, Jose
  7. I've just uploaded a FLV small montage and some stills for your convenience. http://www.cerrodelbu.com/joselmartinezdiaz/?p=19 No registering or special software required, of course!. Jose
  8. Hi, I'm looking for some source of knowledge (books, videos, courses, your personal input etc),apart from experience, about lightning continuity and light axis. I'm almost self trained, and althought I have knowledge and some experience, know the tools, got some nice images and effects, I still find incredibly difficult to keep lightning continuity between set-ups. I got it done, but I simply have no learnt rules or paths to follow, and always rely on monitor, heavy planning and on-set re-touching. I've found very little literature about this topic (Ritsko' lightning for location motion pictures is the only that comes to my mind) and I would be really thankful to anyone who give me some clue to improve my knowledge on this topic. Thank you! José L. Martinez Díaz, aspiring cinematographer.
  9. Hi, Babelgum rules restrict us to use any other online video service during the festival, but I'll try to put together a short cinematography reel in H264 and publish the link. Jose
  10. A short feature I dp'ed with the JVC HD200 has been uploaded to the babelgum film festival. You can view quite a nice H264 version trought the site' software. We had a small budget, 6 days for shooting and a ligthning kit consisting basically on kino flos and dedolights, apart from a 575 HMI Fresnel with chimera for fill. There are some nice moves also, done with a custom made jib arm. The short will be transfered to 35mm anamorphic at deluxe (was shoot with stock fujinon lens) and what you can see is a temporary color correction, but would like to hear your opinions. And if you like it... you know ;-) http://www.babelgum.com/download/?ak...&clipId=110487 Jose
  11. Hi, I would like to know your opinion on any workshops, short courses and any kind of cinematography education that could help develop a career in cinematography (I'm a 26 tv camera operator, who also works steadily as an assistant camera and gaffer on shorts, music videos, ads and some features). I've already spent 2 years on a media degree, and attended some workshops (steadicam, assistant camera...) here in my country. I also have a background (+5 years) on postproduction and editing. What I'm looking now for is a way to continue my education (I keep shooting a lot of tests, anyway!). I've been toying with the idea of enrolling at LA Film School, or NFTS (If I ever get accepted), but spending 2 years full time I'm afraid could somehow slow down my career here... So, I'm looking for quality short courses and workshops (weekend to 4 months) I could enroll to develop my cinematography skills. I'm looking for english or spanish courses anywhere in the world, and already found about the Maine workshops, the LFS Short courses and NFTS at London... Any other ideas I can add to the list?. Thank you! Jose
  12. I'm looking for second hand or nice offer on a kino flo unit, dedolight kit or minifresnel, HMI fresnel or PARs (below 2.5 kw), Baglite and fresnel tungsten. I'm also interested in grip (c-stands, flags...). Preferably from EU, but would consider any interesting offer. (220v) Thanks! Jose
  13. Hi, I'm about to dp a short feature with the HD100 / 200 with Sgpro adaptor and Nikon lenses. The film will be transfered to 35mm anamorphic (2,40 to 1) at Technicolor, and I managed somehow to get some budget for a 2 mins tests. So, any ideas what should I test to get a good knowledge of the limits of this camera?. I've completed a small list of things I would like to know: - Emulsion test: Macbeth chart, gray card, human skin before a white / black background, two 1k's at 2 meter, 45º. Expose at key and bracketing 6 stops over and under. With fujinon stock lens alone and with the adaptor. I'll try to have an astro to check IRE values, but still learning the damn gizmo. - Filage: Normal and fast moving subjet at 1/48, 1/50, 1/10, etc. - Resolution chart. - Flare: I need to know how the lens behave with sunlight and practicals, how ugly they are, etc. - High fequency / banding / stair -stepping / moirè. Just to know what not to do. - Some interior and exterior test shoot just for the look. - Some 60p slow motion, just for the shake of it... Anything I'm missing, anything senseless. All opinions appreciated. Perhaps I could scan the negative and publish it somehow, just for info. Cheers, Jose
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