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  1. Hi! That was a quick decision ! Good luck in your endeavors . I have own and operated a wide range of 16mm Cameras. Eclair ACL, Aaton LTR these are the best cameras suited for handheld operation. Also had ARRI M16 and Bolex, SBM ,EL The M is a workhorse; NFL used to use them; Not suited for narrative work; as they are noisy. Bolex Cameras are good for Animation and shorts; but not feature filmmaking. I've sold all of them on eBay. I only kept an ARRI SR1, S16, PL Mount Package. which might end up selling as well. In regards to CP 16; Only use one a couple of times; What I remember about it; It felt like a brick on my shoulder; however it produced consistently sharp images; once i figured out the right film loading loop. There is a Kinoptic; fully extendable viewfinder that will work on the CP16 as well as the ACL. Its good to see that there are still some people interested in shooting on film Nothing compares to celluloid. Keep film Alive! Horacio
  2. Hi Gregg, I am Planning to sell My ACL Package, it has 3 200ft Mags and one 400ft. I could just sell you one 200ft Mag if you are interested, I am positive is a French Mag. Please , let me know what is a good price for it. I will send you pictures, soon. Thanks! H
  3. Thank you Rob, Yes, I finally looked at the Aaton XTR Manual and the SR Guide, to confirm what you are saying; " 4 Pin XLR input Pin 1(-)4(+)" So, if anybody wants to know: Yes, an Aaton on board battery has the same polarity of the ARRI SR. I did try it on , just to test it running; it does work fine!
  4. Hello Guys, I am looking for an Arriflex SR on board Battery with holder; Would an Aaton LTR on board Battery work on an SR for testing? Would someone guide me, to where can I Find a cable made for Arriflex SR with the right polarity to use on a Cine 60 Belt, or on a standard 12v Bescor Battery. Schematics are explained on John Fauer 16SR User Guide. However I'd rather try to find the cable already made. Thank you all in advance!
  5. I am lookint to sell some of My motion Picture Equipment: RONFORD F15S Fluid Head.with case $950.00 I also have Sticks; Long & Short. ( Make offer) Bolex SBM with Rexofader. $750.00 Arri Shoulder Mount with Plate $150.00 Bolex 400Ft Magazine $100.00 TOBIN Crystal motor for ACL $1100
  6. How about Miami: city of the Americas. To Miami converges talent from South, Central and North America. Good Luck! Horacio.
  7. Leica ( "R" or " M" ) to Aaton? Where could this adapter be found? I've only seen the Leica M 39 screw mount to Arri standard adapter.
  8. You are absolutely right, Keith. I want to keep my cinewave for now. On my last attempt , I up graded to the newest version of Quicktime and it seemed to solve the problem. I opened FCP, launched Log & capture and finally got preview enable with device control. then captured few clips OK. newer versions of FCP projects are not backward compatible' that prevent me from opening them on FCP4. I should not resist change anyway. Thanks for all your support.
  9. Right! it is as follows: On my G4, I have OSX version 10.3.9, Quicktime Player Version 7.1.6,FCP 4 It does have a Targa Cinewave; but the analogue capture is working OK. On the Imac ( 2ghz intel) the OSX Version 10.4, Quicktime 7, FCP express. On both computers the Firewire connection from XL1 is not recognized from when application(FCP) starts;so I click on continue... FCP quits as soon as log & capture is launched. If I launch Log & Capture first, then turn on camera with firewire ( preview disable),The FCP application does not quit; but the Video is not captured,neither an imported file is created. capture presets are set to Firewire NTSC, but no video is coming in.. after log & Capture is open I toogle with capture presets; the only ones that give a preview and import are the Targa analogue thru an analogue cable connection. When Log & capture is open after the Firewire connection is turned on FCP quits instantaneously. I hope this descripcion makes any sense. I do appreciate your willingness to figure it out. Best Regards.
  10. Thanks for answering Keith; OK I changed the Display from initials to my complete name;(all caps, sorry.can't fix it) (g4/intel ) I meant on both computers; OSX Version 10.4, FCP xpress, FCP4 & FCP3. It is just the XL1 Firewire connection that is not recognized from FCP;other FW Drives are OK. I was able to capture using Imovie, but the files are not readable by FCP; I tried exporting them;with no luck, there is always a file error. Any ideas?
  11. The "DV in" thru the firewire connection on the XL1 is not recognised by FC; FCP capture quits as soon as Log and capture is launched. I tried trashing preferences; but still FCP does quit.(FCP HD 4,3 on G4/intel) Any help will be deeply appreciatted.
  12. Hello everybody; I wired the cable for the Bolex EL; Is it safe to use an Aaton LTR Battery on the Bolex El ?
  13. I've got 2nd chance option to buy it now (XTR); when I looked at bid history; the other bidders had conceal identity ( No name). I contacted the seller for more info;s16? top speed?. , etc. his answers were short; he only had that one picture of the camera,he only wanted bank wired money;(Unsecure transaction) I am glad i did not go for it. I've gotten good deals on E-Bay in the past; just be careful who are you dealing with. Regards.
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