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  1. Sorry about that Tim, I fixed it. I will let you know when we have found enough reviewers. Thanks and have a great day! Todd
  2. Hello Cinematography Forums, My name is Todd Meredith and I work for zacuto.com Zacuto.com has a great new accessory for HD Video cameras called the "Universal Camera Support System" and Base Plate. This unique accessory works with all cameras, is fully adjustable, and makes it easy to add accessories to lightweight HD cameras without breaking them. (See press release below) I am looking for competent testers of this product which I will send to free if they will review it and post the review on their website. If interested please email me at the below email address. Thanks and have a great day. Todd Meredith tmeredith@bendbroadband.com Interactive Marketing, Inc. http://www.interactivemarketinginc.com/ PS: Here is the press release? removed by admin
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