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  1. Hi, I'm having a little research. Usually cinematographers or directors (ask) to use blue tone when lighting night scenes and moonlights effects. I believe it's a creative choice but some would make it their standard. Personally, I don't want to use blue in lighting night/moonlight scenes unless it is a creative decision. I'm discussing about this with some of my friends. I want a little help in finding out the background behind it. Where did the idea came from? Who and what film started it? Any links and information about this? Thanks.
  2. In two days I will be shooting a documentary show on TV about a hostage taking that took place on the mountainous area here in the Philippines. I am really into a realistic lighting. For the night scenes, the hostage survivor told us that the rebels only brings with them a very small flash light. I am wondering how could I design the lighting that is very realistic yet not so dark as we know that TV has certain limitations as too how dark the lighting should be because the picture suffers in long transmission (in far away areas where cable is not accessible, grains will kill picture especially those with less details). Any help/suggestions will be appreciated. I have few things in mind but I prefer hearing more inputs from the experts. We will be having (I think) 60KVA generator and a very limited lights. The production has a very limited budget and we are using Panasonic DVX100B. Thanks fellows!
  3. Very quick indeed!!! After I e-mailed Lee Filters last June 21, they immediately forwarded it to their local dealer here in the Philippines. I received an e-mail 3 days after (June 24) and I had it picked up yesterday. Thanks once again to everybody.
  4. Thank you guys! I'll see how fast they could send it here in the Philippines. Haha! Thanks, thanks! :lol:
  5. Good day everybody, Anybody know where to buy Lee's color swatch (palette/sheet... I'm not sure what it's called). Used for white balancing to obtain a certain color tone (of course all of you knows this). I can't find it in B&H or maybe it's not for sale. Maybe it's free upon purchasing something. I just want to know how could I get one. Thank you.
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