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  1. I'm not sure its worth the trouble. I was thinking about buying a Bolex h16 Reflex camera to start me off on making shorts, but then i saw it only accepts 100ft cans of film. So I was thinking that its going to take a ton of film to do anything substantial. I was wondering if its a big problem to have to deal with 20 canisters of film per short, or is it not that big of a deal. ,Daniel
  2. Oh you know the usual but mostly bad proffesors, mediocre education . . . But thats not to say i dont hear good things about it because i do. I dont know maybe im wrong and they are good.
  3. Hello all, Im a senior in highschool and want to go to film school for cinematography. I though I found a good college, it being columbia college hollywood or maybe cc-chicago, but now ive been reading and it seems people dont like it there. I dont want to go to any of those really high-end colleges like usc ucla...(mostly because i cant afford it) but a small four year college with a good cinematography program. There are alot out there but im having trouble finding a good one. My only restrictions are money really, so anyone have any suggestions? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Dan
  4. I think it looked great. i really want to see it.
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