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  1. Hi, My name is Gareth, I'm looking for a producer based in Brisbane- Australia. I'm an independent film maker and my current project is a music video for an international high profile DJ/producer shot on HD. The budget is small I'm afraid ($2000) but the opportunity is far greater with vast airplay across Europe and America on offer. Therefore I will be taking things very seriously and intend to use all my resources to get the best results. I am looking for someone with a few years experience of producing similar and serious low budget student or independent projects. Its only a small project but I will be looking to strike up a working relationship for more projects. Please visit www.myspace.com/garethmcguire to view my previous projects/on-line reel and contact me there if you would like to hear more. Thanks Gareth.
  2. Thanks Mike, very helpful. Ill study the speed of the take up spool. It did cross my mind that it should be faster - makes sense ;). cheers
  3. Hi everyone Ive just got my hands on a CP16-R camera...their are a few issues with the camera that I'm trying to sort out. But my main concern is that the take up spool doesn't take up the film fast enough and the film just spirals out of control after 2/3 seconds. I will see if I can test another mag first! but can I tighten the take up spool? Problem info. The Film is loaded correctly and runs perfectly through the camera until it re-enters the mag. The Mag is locked in position and the take up spool does rotate at the same speed as the leader spool I have checked this by marking both of the outer spool cores on the mag and watched them rotate simultaneously. (Sorry for not using correct terms) Battery is also fully charged and the camera/mag looks extremely used - probably had a hard life. any thought?
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