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  1. Hi, I'm thinking about taking a couple of advanced cinemat courses at Maine Workshops late this year. I'll take the AC workshop by Doug Hart (Level 3/4) because I've got great reviews from ACs I know. BUT, I'm also thinking on taking one of these two: Advanced Digital Cinematography - LEVEL 3/4 - $1395 - 16 Places - Instructor: ? Feature Film Lighting - LEVEL 3/4 - $1450 - 14 Places - Instructor: ? Does anyone have any word on those? looking for a MOSTLY PRACTICAL schedule discussing and hands-on advanced lighting/camera situations (light & shadows control, beauty/commercial shots, advanced camera movements, practical problems, light planning). What I would value more right now is a week-long close working experience with a DP discussing practical issues on the set, not on a classroom or just sitting and see somebody pointing a light to a foamboard... And has anyone took part of this one?: Director of Photography Master Class - LEVEL 4 - $1395 - 12 Places - Instructor: Russell Carpenter, ASC I have 3 years of cinematography college and a couple more of working exprience as AC and DP (starting) on different projects both film and HD. Thank you all. Luis
  2. For my first small TV commercial I'm shooting all over the day, possible semi-overcast conditions. I'm looking for a "correct", well exposed, nice colours, soft shadows and soft backlight, nice skins look. Shooting on EX1 with tweaked Picture Profiles. I'm planning to use: -12x12 frame with Half Soft Frost for overhead difussion (not too low). -6K HMI PAR through a 12x12 frame with white Silk at 45º to the right, the silk could also be at a 45º declination to add some sun-bounce fill at the same time. -12K HMI PAR at 45º back for backlight with 1/2 CTO (if there's stable sun and I can arrange the correct camera positions, just use the sun as backlight -> winter sun on theses latitudes, so it's going to be up 32º elevated over the horizon during the whole day). -Pola on camera to bring out some color tones. I cannot use 20x20frames because of windy conditions. Question are: - Would you put the 6K as backlight and 12K as key or the other way around? - Would you add a difussion (say 250) to the front HMI that goes thorugh the Silk to the actor's face? - Would you add some difussion to the backlight or which lens would you use? (I'm looking for a natual "not studio" back) - For wide shots (a bunch of people around a 20mt line), would you just put the sun behind or also add some fill with soft reflectors + 12K + 6K through Silk? (I have 4 soft and 2 soft available) - If its too cloudy all the day, would you still use an overhead difussion or leave it clear? Thanks! Luis
  3. Hi! I have to light a greenscreen on a table, simulating a touchscreen tabletop (like the one in the Control Room of MI-6 at Quantum of Solace). 5 actors will be around the table interacting with it. The greenscreen should be lit from below to have a nice and even lighting level. Problem is that what happens with the "green" light (coming from below) that will cast all over the actors faces as they face the table? On shots where both the table and actors are seen, will the greenlight interfere with a good keying on post? Also, I would like to use the lighting coming from the chroma as a "practical" so the actors are illuminated with light "coming from the screen". I was thinking about doing that with fluorescent tubes aligned around the borders of the table from below, next to the virtual screen. My main problem is the interfering green-light coming from the greenscreen backlight... any help? Thanks! Luis
  4. Hi folks, I'm looking for the Arri BL-3 Operators Manual on the net, any clue? thanks! Luis Reggiardo Argentina
  5. Hi guys! I'm from Argentina, just finished my 1st year at the 3-year course on CINEMATOGRAPHY at the ENERC (National School of Cinematographic Experimentation and Direction, a full member of the CILECT). I am looking forward to applying at the NFTS' MA on Cinematography on 2009! I would like to hear how was your entrance workshop... since all posts ended on July! and... what about EU-students? (I hold Italian citizenship...) Good luck!!! Luis
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