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  1. hi, i'm a newbie, student at the romanian film school, cinematography, and i was wandering if someone could tell me a bit more about the developing process of the kodak double-x b/w stock... we've been having problems with it in terms of speed. we first did a test for 200t and 250d and it came out excelent. we then did some aditional tests for lenses and it came out overexposed (and we know for sure that we exposed corectly) and turned out 320d and 320t... i have a feeling that our school lab is keeping us in the dark about some problems they're having, and i was hoping someone could give me a little insight on what should be happening in the lab, chemicals, times, i don't really know how the process should be or how our school is doing it. any posts are welcome
  2. what would be the best choice for a second year cinematography student with practically no money :) that's looking to buy his first exposure meter for shooting on film? i have gossen in mind, which is pretty affordable here in romania(i live in romania, btw). i could really use a proffesional's opinion...
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