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  1. Hey, I'm trying to better my A game when it comes to shooting corporate videos. I need some inspiration. Does anybody know of some companies that shoot really cool, dynamic corporate videos. I've tried googling this, but the results haven't been all that interesting.
  2. Why do Grips hold flags on both sides of Steadicam operators? Is it to break up wind hitting the operator?
  3. What gel should I use to match tungsten to indirect sunlight/cloudy color temp? Thanks!
  4. How do clouds affect color temperature and towards what color? Might be a bit of a newb question, but I notice on my camera that it has white balance setting of daylight and cloudy.
  5. I'm glad we're having this discussion. I only knew about fog machines before. Seems like a Source 4 with a hazer would make some pretty awesome results.
  6. Awesome, I've gotta get me a Par64 then. Thanks for the speedy reply!
  7. Good to know! What about fresnels? Do those also give a beam of light?
  8. How do you squeegee gels onto a window? Just wet the gel and it sticks to the window?
  9. New to cinematography and I'm trying to get into the mindset of a professional cinematographer, apologies if this comes across as a vague question but... Do you have certain protocols/procedures/steps you stick to when lighting a scene? Pretend we're in a studio. The set is an abandoned nightclub. Two gentlemen meet at a table. One of them turns out to be a hitman, but the other one doesn't know it. Eventually, the hitman slowly screws on his silencer under the table and pops the other gentleman. /Scene. What would be your first steps towards tackling this scene?
  10. Hi, I'm filming an interview. The client wants a window as the background. The subject is a young female. I want to light her with front, soft light, but the big umbrella will be in the shot. The ceiling isn't very high so I can't raise the light until it's out of the shot. Perhaps I could put some white cloth on the ceiling and aim a light at it? Any other ideas?
  11. Are there inexpensive lights that can give you that sunlight shaft look?
  12. What would you consider to be the top 3 best green screen material that you've worked with? Both fabric and paint suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. I see this a lot on film cameras. It's like two microphone looking devices on the front of the camera. Notice the photo.... http://www.imdb.com/media/rm420716800/tt1408101?ref_=tt_pv_md_1 What is it?
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