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  1. What light meter would you guys recommend for under £200? Using mainly on HD obv. Primarily on Alexa. My friend recommended L758. But it's too expensive for me. Any suggestions?
  2. Great titles there everyone. But why many international titles are omitted/ignored: - Das Boot (Germany) - Vozvrascheniye (Russia) - Confessions (2010 Japan) - Memories of Murder (S.Korea) - Come & See (Russia) - Reconstruction (Denmark) - Traffic - Revolutionary Road - There will be Blood - Seven - Eyes Wide Shut
  3. hello everyone. here's my website. your critique is greatly appreciated. www.amarjeet.net there's two trailers from full length feature I did. one can be viewed in full HD here: www.amarssadal.com/trailer222.mov thx
  4. hi all, please have a look at the following commercial. i am having a shoot coming up quick, am directing it, and see potential to use similar cinematography in it. unfortunately my dop is worthless and i dont have any choices. could you all please look at it below and give me an idea of what lenses and techniques were used to acheive these looks. thanks all.
  5. any tips and ideas on shutter speeds. i have heard one might be able to see ground glass texture when over/under exposed with wrong shutter speed. shooting in a church with ample lighting. also we are shooting this feature for festivals and dvd release. what shooting mode would be ideal for this? i was thinking 25p would do just fine.
  6. u cant do any sparks or shocks in those programs. try and get hold of after effects and tinderbox plugin or any other. just make sure u have shot the light effect of sparks on location. its a peice of cake thereafter.
  7. no way u gonna acheive this without using vfx. riggin ping pong balls and doing it would make matters complex and spoil the whole schedule. 3d is the way to go. also modelling ping pong balls aint that difficult :) if camera is moving. it twice as difficult since you would need trackpoints and would have to track it. i believe u would be shooting minidv. if yes, then forget moving shot. go for a static shot. that way u only have to worry about composite.
  8. you can always cut mattes and color correct it. i know its a pain. but sometimes its the only way out. i suggest you go this way. no hassles.
  9. didnt read all the post. but i understand that this would be the answere for your query. http://www.trapcode.com/products_soundkeys.html it has already been used very extensively in the industry here are some clips which use it: http://www.trapcode.com/gallery/wire.mov http://www.trapcode.com/gallery/mtv_reaction.mov http://www.trapcode.com/gallery/ss1.mov http://www.trapcode.com/gallery/ss2.mov regards amarjeet
  10. hi martin, it was shot on university studio since we had no budget for anything. we used arri srII filming on 100t 7212. lenses available to us were 9mm, 12mm, a zoom lens(don remember focal length, sorry) lights used were 1000, 600 & dedo. got back telecine footage on a minidv since our uni avid only has minidv decks. post production color correction and visual effects were done on after effects and fusion. regards, amarjeet
  11. thanks daniel, ken and everyone else. dvcpro50 it is. next proj is sure on hd though. thanks all.
  12. hi all, student film maker needs an hvx200 with brevis/mini35 adapter. for a weeks shoot in london/canterbury. people who are interested can mail me on amarssadal@gmail.com regards, amarjeet
  13. dear all, thanks a million, all the replies above have solved almost all of my confusions and doubts about hvx and its adapters. a great forum this is for confused chaps like me. thanks a lot again for taking time and answering my queries. only one last question remaining now guys. i have ready access to a dvcpro50 910. its free since it comes from my uni. that along with all the lights, dollies, jib, tracks everything comes free to me. since its a student project as you would know, its on a shoestring budget. would you think its worth for me to invest my money into an hvx200 when i have a dvcpro50 lying around??? i understand that film/story/acting is more important than technology used. but my films more about visuals rather than story. hope you understand. in future when i start work commercially would it add weight to my cv if i say "i have worked with hd" making my current investment in hvx worthwhile??? the thing is am extremely concious and concerned about the quality of images produced for my film. check these links to get an idea of my visual aethetics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylS_DcUm1hA http://www.photo.net/photos/Amarjeet%20Singh%20Sadal
  14. filmmaker looking for a dop for next project. shoot locations are london/canterbury. projects will be shot on hd, but we can mutually agree if you think film would suit. i have access to super16 with equipment, accessories, tracks, jibs, dollies, lights, etc. need a dark noir look for this film set 90% in interiors. would add huge weight to your showreel. some visual effects shoot also would be there which include chroma shoots and seamless shots. you can view some of my past work on these websites: http://www.photo.net/photos/Amarjeet%20Singh%20Sadal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylS_DcUm1hA open to experimenting and pushing the limits. script provides for vivid imagination and absolute freedom to experimentation. email me on: amarssadal@gmail.com dunno if i am breaking any rules by posting this here. if i am then sorry, please if you could direct me to another website/forum where i can get further help, would really appreciate that.
  15. i have access to super16 film camera at my uni, but am scared since the stocks costs ridiculous. instead i would want to have a hd and forget worrying about retakes. i have a dell m90 with about 360gb of external storage. answeres to the questions above would be a huge help really. also if anyone is based in london and would like to associate with my project as a dop i would be more than honoured. you can contact me on amarssadal@gmail.com
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