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  1. Two topics for one forum: What is the difference between 500T and 200T, or the difference between "fast' and "slow" film? and as long as I have your attention, I logged onto filmemporium.com and saw prices for film - the kodak 35mm filmstocks were $0.57 a foot, while Fuji was $0.44 a foot. Does that sound accurate - am I missing something. It seems obvious to go with Fuji. thx
  2. The answers regarding 16mm v. 35mm were great. My film is set in ancient Turkey. I have locations with appropriate architecture, but how can I make it look "authentic" - Is there a way to avoid having it look like it's the year 2007? Is there a particular grain or speed (color film) to use, or avoid?
  3. Ok, I'm a bit blonde today. I make a film on 16mm, then transfer it to video to submit to a festival, then transfer it again to HD to show it at the festival? By the way, is HD like a DVD, or is that a different form of technology? Also, if I just went aheda with 35mm would i still have to put it on video to submit to a festival?
  4. I don't mean that to say, will some festival somewhere accept a 16mm? I already have a full script, story boards, locations, everything, but am torn between doing it in 16mm or 35mm. So, will a 90 minute film in 16mm be taken seriously by film festivals? I have a bigger project in mind after this smaller one, and want to shoot the smaller in order to submit to a festival and get interest from producers in financing the laerger project in 35mm. thx
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