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  1. Hi there, I'm just wondering if any camera operators who post here have had corrective laser eye surgery? When I went in for the consultation the doctor told me that their was a small risk of seeing halos around bright lights in the dark? For example, when driving at night.. This worried me slightly as, like most posters on this forum, I spend quite a lot of time looking at lights and I don't want the above condition to affect my work. He told me that plenty of photographers have had the surgery and haven't had any problems but i suppose he would say that!! Apart from that concern, I am completely suitable for surgery.. Anyway, any insights or experiences would be much appreciated. Many thanks,
  2. Hi there, I am shooting a short film in a few weeks. We are shooting on super 16mm, the neg will be telecined to HD and this tape then sent to the lab (prob TODD AO in London) for transfer to 35mm. So far so good. However the director has asked me to get an answer on the following question : If we shoot the S16mm with a 2.35:1 groundglass for framing, then mask this off in post, can we blow up the part of the neg weve framed for onto 35mm anamorphic print squeezing it like Super 35mm so that when its projected with anamorphic lenses, it will unsqueeze on the screen to make an 'anamorphic' final image? I understand we would be losing part of the neg, therefore affecting quality. Is it even possible to do? I hope that makes some sense. I apologise for my limited knowledge on formats & 35mm transfers! Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Paddy
  3. Thanks for all your replies! Im going to Mali where I'm shooting 'beauty' shots and an intro sequence for a doc on Malian music. The body of the film has already been shot on video over the last couple of years. Really looking forward to it, but kind of unprepared because Ive been quite busy! In terms of stock I'm shooting 7245 because I like the richness of the blacks and because i like to shoot with as little depth of field as possible and the slow speed will hopefully help to keep aperature open early mornings and evenings, thats the plan anyway! Because I'll be pulling focus myself, prefer not to have to use NDs as much as possible. Also, Ill be shooting some 8mm for that grainy look... Your advice on storage was very helpful. I am a bit concerned about X-Rays. Like the temperature issue, I know that 50D is the most resistant but... Will be flying Dublin - Paris - Bamako, anybody got any thoughts on the best way to handle this? Frank and Isaac, thanks for the offer of specific advice, if I think of anything in particular I'll certainly be in touch. Paddy
  4. Im shooting part of a documentary in Western Africa for 3 weeks in January. Filmstock is 7245 (Kodak 50D). Ive never shot film outside of Ireland, where the temperature is pretty moderate and Ive always been able to store film in the correct manner. I would like to ask members if they have any advice for storing film while were on the road in Africa before and after its exposed. Ive been told it needs to be kept at about 15 degrees celcius, but don?t know if that?s just being pedantic. For example, somebody mentioned using cool boxes? We do not have a huge budget but any advice would be really appreciated. Also, any other tips for shooting S16mm in africa, would be very welcome. Many thanks and hope you all have a good New Year. Paddy
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