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  1. That's exactly what I've got a Lowell Tota with a Chimera & grid and 3 ProLights plus 4 small stands, black foil (for bkgrd. cookie), extension cords, gels, ND & CTO, clips and gaf tape all in the Porta Brace back-pack Softcase. Any tips about flying this stuff? It's 2 of us going over one carrying on the video camera the other the stills gear. So far it looks like I'll have to send tripod, lightcase, audio and suitcase below. I also have a 2 wheeled cart. I have concerns about the stuff being lost.... Thanks everyone!
  2. Hello all- I am traveling to Europe for 2 weeks at the end of May- beginning of June and will need to light sit-down interviews for a documentary that will be shot in Spain, France and Sardinia. I was planning on bringing a small kit and need to know the best way to step down voltage 3- 4 lights not over 2000 watts total (could get away with less) and traveling lite is essential. Also any tips on traveling with gear- it's just two of us. And any tips on power for charging batteries, laptop etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a million. Jay Cavallaro
  3. Hello All, This is my first post to the forum. I am shooting a corporate program on the new Sony HVR-V1U 24p HDV Camera. In the past when I've worked with this client I've shot on a Betacam BVW D600. The programs have been a combination of well lit sit down interviews with primarily run & gun B-roll, basically 60 minutes- magazine style minus a host. The style of this program is quite different in that there are no sit downs and were striving toward a more cinematic look and feel. The program is about the evolution of different products and the relationships between the individuals who develop them. I'll be shooting HDV 24p- 16:9 of course. The talent will be the actual employees of the company. They'll be wired for sound as they discuss with each other the history, obstacles and the eventual successes of the products. A few of the scenes will be based around as many as 5-7 people. There are critical time restraints durring the shooting and we basically will get 1 take, 2 takes occasionally and 3 almost never within an extremely tight time frame. Our acces to spaces before hand for set-up is also quite limited. My qyestion is with these limitations how do I best A. get enough light B. balance color temperature (most shots are indoors but there are lots of big windows) C. keep shots consistant from shot to shot and D. use camera techniques to give it a more cinematic feel. I've been considering using primarily a china ball but that has it's obstacles. Any feed back would be very much appreciated. Thanks much. Jay Cavallaro
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