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  1. Laura, i graduated on tuesday 16th november from salisbury college although it was run by bournemouth uni. I was in the same position as you although i was willing to fullfil any role to get any experience. Just as i started to think that i would never be lucky enough to get my 'foot in the door', i got a call to work on a film as a camera intern. As you can probably imagine i was over the moon to be involved with any kind of filming, but it wasn't until i had calmed down that the better news was to follow... i was offered the job of camera intern on Terrence Mallick's new film 'The New World' starring Colin Farrell and Christian Bale with Emanuelle 'chivo' Lubezki as DP. I couldn't believe it. I was only supposed to work on one or two days in my hometown of St. Austell in Cornwall but was invited to stay on for the remainder of the UK shoot. I was extremely nervous and quiet for the first day but realised that it didn't help me in the slightest. Everyone i was working with was jolly and liked a laugh (which was good for me). The thing that i couldn't believe the most was how nobody had any qualifications or had done a course in media etc. 4 out of the 5 camera crew had gotten into it because of a family member. the site that was kind enough to give my cv to the production office at Pinewood was www.swscreen.co.uk i spoke to them on the phone and was astonished at how nice they were so i'd definately recomend them. If you are as lucky as i was then definately make the most out of being on set. I made a lot of friends and contacts that will hopefully consider me again for any future jobs! I believe that everyone can get a chance but it depends on how well you take it. Good luck Jon Tubb (Tubby)
  2. Does anyone know how to create the look of old martial arts movies. I love the look and feel of them and was curious what camera and stock etc. was used in the likes of Enter the Dragon and Fist of Fury.
  3. I was just curious, especially if you are an advanced member or a DP. If you could pick just 1 cinematographer that has inspired you the most, who would it be and why? Do you try to re-create any of their work?
  4. Jon Tubb

    Dv to film stock

    Carlos, what is the 'looks suite'? forgive me if that is a stupid question but is that a plug-in also? Good luck with the test shots Leon. If you can get some stills, i would be interested in seeing them. JT
  5. thanks for all of your help. It is a bit of a bummer living over here (UK) as many of you might know the difference in DVD releases is staggering. many films by woody allen are hard to find (let alone to buy) or rent on region 2 and I'm a bit sceptical about buying films on the net that i Haven't seen, especially now that i have recently graduated and have hardly any money. oh well thats life!!!
  6. Would using post production edit suites and computer effects be classed as 'good cinematography'? I can't see how it can be because isn't it cheating slightly? I know that some visual images can only be done with computer effects but should 'good lighting' and 'digital effects' be put in the same category?
  7. Jon Tubb

    Dv to film stock

    Does anyone know any methods of making DV look more like film stock. Or at least, less like DV. I cant stand the look of DV, it is too crisp and TV-like. I have tried a couple of plug-ins for after effects but none are of particular use!! If you have any suggestions please post a reply!! JT
  8. Do you feel that a persons age determines their views on good cinematography? I am 21 and feel that the Godfather is absolutely amazing, however people on my course who were younger than me would argue that Saving Private Ryan and more modern films such as Minority Report are 'better' (if you can use that term). Surely it isn't possible to say who is the better DP? Can you say that use of Post production, colour correction, bleach bypasses etc are good cinematography?
  9. I know Willis' films are exceptionally shot but do you not think his work is somewhat more recognisable than say Kaminski?? I'm not trying to put him down at all, but most of his work has the same low key, dark and shadowy atmospheres. Do you think he only chose films of a similar genre, maybe genres that fit his style? Is anyone familiar with the DP Malik Hassan Sayeed? I love the film 'He Got Game' with Denzel Washington and think that it looks brilliant. i only wish i could re-create that look on DV. If anyone can recommend any other films by him it would be a great help. JT
  10. M Dave Mullens is on IMDB.com. I love reading his comments, he definately knows his stuff!!!!
  11. Would anybody class Gordon Willis as an 'Auteur'? I know that it is usually the director that is considered an auteur but if anybody has any views it would be a great help. I am submitting an essay on a comparison of willis and Kaminski and i am currently discussing Auteurism. I wouldnt consider Kaminski to be an auteur but I am a little undecided about Willis? Please Help. JT
  12. can anybody tell me how to get into the AFI? do you need any qualifications etc? i have researched courses in the states and so far the best option seems to be the New York Film academy (this is merely because of some of the people that have studied there) although it seems quite expensive for someone of my age and status (21 and £14k in debt due to studying). Does anybody know of any other courses with a good reputation (maybe specialising in Cinematography) that won't break the bank??? thanks JT
  13. hey everyone. I have just completed my degree in TV and Film Production in the UK and i'm at a stage where i don't know whether i've completed the right course. My course was very practical and i learned the basics of lighting aswell as furthering my knowledge of editing and (digital) camera work. However, i have always been artistic and it is only recently that i have really started to appreciate DP's such as Kaminski and Willis. I guess what i'm trying to say is, how did you all start as cinematographers and did you know that that is what you wanted to be??? Also if you have any advice whatsoever, it'd be much appreciated!! thanks a lot JT
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