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  1. Thank you David. That's good to hear that both options are viable for camera flicker in case audio requests a certain frame rate for synch.
  2. For those of you who have shot a movie for North American distribution (typically 23.98) while in a 50hz country, what frame rate and shutter angle did you use to avoid in-camera light flicker? Shooting at 23.98fps means mathematically the shutter could be at 172.656 (frame rate ÷ hz × 360) to mitigate flicker issues and synch best with audio. However, I'm not sure that shutter angle is possible with the Arri Alexa so this frame rate may not even be an option when avoiding flicker. Whereas filming at 24fps, the shutter mathematically could be set to 178.2 to mitigate flicker (which the Alexa does allow for). However, filming at 24fps creates a headaches for audio in post so I'm told. Is there another alternative I'm not thinking of? How did any of you successfully approach this situation with fps/audio/flicker in mind?
  3. I am wondering about the performance of certain 35mm cameras under the extreme desert heat (mainly the Mojave). During the time of principal photography the temperatures will occasionaly rise above 110F. To those of you who have experience in such weather, what cameras have performed better or have less to troubleshoot under such conditions? My first thought would be the Moviecam (maybe even the superamerica as it has less digital components then newer cameras) mainly because of its ease in loading and lack of magazine gears. Any other additional tips and precautions would be greatly appreciated.
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