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  1. Dear Colleagues,

    We conducted some tests with the Leica Summilux-C lenses that we published in the Cameraman magazine.

    You can download English version (eng) from


    and Spanish version from


    I hope it is of interest of you.


    Best Regards

    Alfonso Parra AEC


  2. Dear Colleagues,


    We conducted a test of the Log curve designed by Light Illusion for Canon EOS (5D, 7D, etc) The article can be download from

    Spanish version


    English version



    I hope it is of interest of you


    Best regards


    Alfonso Parra AEC


  3. Dear Colleagues,

    We have published recently in cameraman magazine our test of MX sensor. You can download the English version in:



    And Spanish version




    I hope it is of interest




    Alfonso Parra AEC


  4. Dear colleagues:


    You can see at my web, www.alfonsoparra.com, my two last works with REDONE. You can find technical information of the shots. One it is a TVmovie, and the ohter one it is for a Shangi expo. I hope, you enjoy seeing it.

    Best regards


    Alfonso Parra AEC


  5. I made a test with RED and I use my ligthmeter to 125 Asa for tungstent light and 160 Asa to daylight. Of course you can use other sensibilites but you are loosing detail on shadows and incresae noise. As you now, 320 Asa in camera is a metadata and it is not nominal sensibility or efective sensibility, nominal or efective sensibility depends of S/N signal and saturation base either of the sensor and electroncic device.


    Alfonso Parra AEC


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