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  1. Thanks a lot for this and to Rick for that walk through, lots of good reading material. However, when the camera is on and on Auto or even Manual, the aperture needle doesn't move on its own. The only time I see the needle is when I manually move it using the dial. In Auto, the needle is on the side in the red, faintly visible.
  2. Good to know. I can't figure out how to open it to load the film. Also, once I load it and turn it to R and shoot, is it automatically correctly exposed? I see where I can pull out the dial to manual and change the aperture but I'll probably just be shooting on Auto.
  3. Does anyone here shoot with this camera? This is my first super 8 cam, so any help with the dials and troubleshooting this camera would be amazing. Thanks in advance!
  4. I've found someone who is getting rid of one and I was just wondering if it will be a good cam to start out with and why/why not.
  5. I was kind with Canon. I've always shot film and digi with Canon and I'm nothing but pleased. I suppose a Nikon would suffice as well. It's pretty straight foward in shooting super8 isn't it? I'm talking about just load the film cartridge and shoot assuming you've got it exposed correctly right? I'd assume I'm buying Kodak 64t film too.
  6. Is this a good super8 cam for someone just starting out with super8? I plan on just shooting some silent films and dubbing some audio over it. I also plan on getting a projector and recording it with my 3 chip camera. Is the 64t film the film I'd need? I saw it on this site, http://www.super8camera-shop.com/shop/index.html
  7. I plan on using it solely to record with my VX.
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