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  1. David, it's unfortunate if the positions you espouse would cause you to be be categorized as left of center, because for much of the 20th century, those positions would have been considered centrist, or merely "American." It's only within the last 20 or so years that the US has been hit with the con game known as deregulation, that the equal rights and feminist movements (which had evolved in fits and starts over 70 years) have been under siege (including ever-increasing attacks on Roe v. Wade), that creationism and government-sanctioned religious activity have been creeping back into our public schools, and that the disparity between top-level executive compensation and rank-and-file pay has grown to such obscene levels. The only issue you mentioned that isn't strictly political is abortion rights -- it's more a religious/moral and feminist issue. Let me explain: Catholics and fundamentalist Protestants seem to oppose abortion rights more than other groups, yet some of those antiabortion Catholics are among the most left-leaning people I know. They subscribe to a principle known as "seamless garment" -- respect for all human life (and, one would hope, all life in general). This means no abortion, but also no capital punishment, either. Likewise, you'll find pro-choice supporters among the most conservative women Republicans.
  2. Conceptually, it works the same way it worked on the old hand-cranked cameras of the silent era: the faster you crank, the higher the frame rate (up to 60p). The Kinetta, however, has two options: (1) "Cine Mode," wherein, as on those cameras, exposure varies inversely with the frame rate, producing a flicker; and (2) "Ramp Mode," wherein exposure remains constant.
  3. Ha! If you think that's weird, you'll find the hand crank bizarre. I'm pulling for Jeff Kreines -- I think what he's doing is phenomenal, and I hope he sells a lot of Kinettas. But, as with all high-end film equipment, buying one will be a major financial commitment. Cheaper solutions, rumored on other forums, will be little more than high-def webcams -- that is, they will be tethered to PCs. Maybe in a few years, when the ┬Ácard (the new solid-state storage standard to be marketed next year by a Taiwanese consortium) reaches its 2-TB theoretical capacity, will there be a practical, relatively cheap, self-contained alternative to the Kinetta.
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