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  1. I'm trying hard to convince a producer to shoot on 35mm instead of either s16mm or digital(the director is 100% with me). Off course the budget is xtremely tight. I recon that the only/best/cheapest way is to go 2-perf / techniscope. The set-up is that I'm shooting 90% handheld, in small locs, in cars etc. Some scene will be shot allmost with hidden camera(only Dir,DP,sound+1)Therefore I would prefer to use a small&simple a camera as possible.(at 1 point I'll have to load myself!!!) The ideal would be a blimped 235. Anybody has any suggestions, advise, ideas?? I know about the Penelope, but finds it somewhat complicated and expensive, but maybe it's the best way to go. Please give me you input. aafoss
  2. Is there anybody who has experience with shooting in Cairo? especially I'm thinking about the processing, dallies etc? I've been told that it's a good idea to use labs outside of Cairo/Egypt, can anyone recommend labs as close as possible. hope that anyone can give me some advise. aafoss
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