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  1. What I would like to see is Kodachrome sound striped film. What I would not give to be able to shoot sound on film and project. That to me was and still is the way s-8 film could/should be experienced.
  2. Where is the best place to buy Kodachrome 16mm film. And does Kodak Switzerland develope it? Let me rephrase my question, has Switzerland ever done this service? Kodak told me last week that Switzerland just restarted processing super8 kodachrome again. And Dwyanes is NOT an option thasnk you.
  3. Anyone know where you can take your edited mini DV tape and get it printed to super8 film?
  4. Anyone have one for sale? Willing to pay $600.
  5. I'd like to encourage you friends out there to give us a list of film transfer technologies in order of quality. And dollar for dollar what companies are the best. My only experience was Cinepost. I have not idea how they compare with others.
  6. I sent more than a dozen rolls to Dwaynes this fall. No scratches but a orange/green lines down the middel. I used 3 different cameras same results. The film was grainy. Again 3 cameras, indoor, outdoors with proper exposure. Dwaynes machine is designed for 35mm silde film not super 8. Kodachrome goes through a 14 step process in processing. The machine does not agitate the smaller guage properly so says Kodak.
  7. Good news friends. I spoke to Steve at Kodak today. He said that Dwyanes is out and Switzerland is in. He said that any retail store or mailer will be sending it to Maryland for a trip to Europe. Turn around shold be less than the 3 weeks in the past. And their equipment is specifically designed for super8 format. (i.e. correct agitation). He said our calls last summer has created a recommittment at Kodak to servicing us in this format and that brand of film. Therefore I'm going to rebuy my equipment and shoot a commercial. Anyone have a used Leicina?
  8. bibleland

    Lapel mic

    Looking to get an excellent lapel mic. Perferable with an XLR on the end. Could you please recommend a great mic. Needed for interviewing. Thank you.
  9. I agree with Matt. If we don't need this why pay $145 like I did. The ads say the Ektachrome is more likely needfull for this due to thickness of the film? Kodachrome generally doesn't need it. Ok fine but I need to find out with Kodachrome anyways due to the necessity of stability with such a small frame. Too many times I see everyone from Super8 sound to 35mm movies dumb down the guage. I myself want to see how far we can go, to the limit so to speak. This tool will help evaluate a possible need. If not then let's not waste our money. I'm waiting for my R-10 to arrive and then will experiment with it and the Elmo 1012XLS. Should be this or next week and then processed soon. Results in October sometime.
  10. [QUOTE] wonder though -- why would you want to shoot with such slow film and have such hard, harsh light (and barely enough of it, at that). Is it worth having ugly lighting just to have a tighter grained image? I'm not sure what you mean about harsh light. Please explain. If I had 6000 total watts on a subject properly exposed and diffused how is this harsh? I guess as apposed to 500 watts diffused with 500 asa film which would be subtle? Harsh like in the Technicolor days when they used so much light to fill a scene? Harsh in that I can see everything in the room as apposed to the dark and difficult scenes that are hard to make out what is going on in the way they shoot for motion pictures today?
  11. I bought an Arri kit with 750watts being the most output followed by 650 and 500. I shoot Kodachrome super-8 40asa and I remember years ago when using my Dads 1000watt sungun there were no insecurities about having enough light from one or two of those. With all 4 lights and trying to fill a 20x30 foot room I wished I had one of those monsters. I barely got what I wanted. Do I need a 1000 watt arri to compliment my 5 lite kit (750 to 150 watts)?
  12. Friend, I own one and can't tell you yet how well it works or not. I've shot with it but have not done any comparision stuff yet. I'm going to at some point see if the added thickness of the plate messes with the distance between the lense and the film. Meaning I will film with it and without it and with out it and see if there are any focus issues, Then check the frame line while projecting between the two to see any difference there. In theory it seems every serious super 8 filmaker should own one.
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