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  1. Thank you very much for your answer. sorry about making be confused. I want to get rid of flare from light bulb and candle. here is a example of photo. red mark on the photo is from the head light of bus. I believe when I shoot actor with light bulb, the flare might move around because he is going to play with light bulb. bugdget is not enough for zeiss master prime or cooke s4. any solution? thanks min
  2. hello guys I'm pretty new in here. Firstly, I appreciate all your discusions. It's really helpful. Anyway, I have a question here. I'm going to shoot a short film next year. The situation is that my director wants to use lots of candles in some scene and there is a shot which is the actor's playing with a light bulb(i'm thinking using 40w) toward camera. I'm thinking there should be the flare of candles and light bulb somewhere on image. When I worked a short film as a gaffer years ago, we had a same problem. I think we used arri high speed lens and a cook zoom lens at that time. how can I sort it out? is there specail filtter or lense? cheers min
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