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  1. okay, I am shooting this piece for my Junior college class, My director insists on shooting some rediculous scenes. he has some interesting lighting schemes for me too. at first we were going to shoot on 16mm but all of a sudden he wants to do this dv. and he saw my last film which was on 16 and loved it. thats why he chose me to DP. as he is describing what he wants, I can already tell he is going for the impossible. I already told him I cant give him this Super glossy 35mm look he has in his head, and these shots with jibs and etc, we dont have the equipment, what do I do? He wants this scene outside of a hotel (WIDE!!!) where its lit with this ugly nasty green un corrected florescent look, I'm like ok...hmm let me look in the light kit...OH we have 2 500W Lowel Openfaced crap lights, one without barndoors...um, okay and a few other 250w lights. I told him its not gunna work out well, and if we got something going, DV wouldnt pick it up well anyway. But he INISISTS! what do I do? do I slap him? he is new to this all, and is trying too hard, he wants to look as professional as he can but all he is doing is giving me a headache. He also wants this scene inside a hotel where the practical light on the ceiling is Off, but yet, the ceiling be lit well because it will be in the shot, he wants some wierd deseign on the ceiling to be picked up sharp with the MINIDV camera, He is creating such a mess for me, I fear if I give him what he thinks he wants its gunna look like ARSCH (thats german for A s s) so someone give me some advice, at this point I will have to spend the rest of the semester running tests for this guy. thanks, Allen
  2. I sold my old xl1 body only to a guy who already had the manual lens, and didnt want the stock lens, so I sold him the xl1 body only a little cheaper, the lens is in great condition, let it go for 150 excluding S&H so if interested let me know thanks,
  3. I have worked on a lot of projects for my age, I will always come to the camera dept with precision, I am still in Highschool and will graduate june 2005. I would like to start working for my requirements to become union, so Anything you can offer me is much appreciated. Download my resume, look at it, my contact info is all over it if you would like to have me join your project....I am Camera DEPT ONLY! Thanks, Allen Achterberg Resume.rtf
  4. ok, So I'm sitting here looking at all the practicals in my room, I'm not shooting anything in here, i dont think so anyways, Im just thinking of how I could light it, and seeing all these different looks. now, Is it an ok thing to mix color temps? Like, I know its not a brilliant Idea to mix daylight with Tungsten, unless you want that blue spill, but as for lamps and stuff, Say Im shooting in here and using these lamps as practicals they will just be there pretending to light the place up right...what if They give off different color temps? I've seen some films where a lamp would appear orangish, and others where they just match color temps, is it a good practice to play around with mixing color temps? do they effect eachother to a noticable extent? and one last thing, ive got some wierd colored lights around the house, some look odd, how do I tell what the color temp is? should I just replace the bulb with a new 3200k one? just some dumb questions I need some clarification on...thanks
  5. ok, heres the deal. Im still a kid, 17 with some 16mm poop under my belt, I want to be a DP and have done a lot of 1st AC work on a lot of different formats. I've been watching how the DP does stuff, plays with lights and whatnot, But I want to do some testing myself, I just shot some Vision2 200T under very difficult lighting situations, let me put it this way, there wasnt enough light, I shot it at a 1/4 stop under the entire time, it came out fine, I like it. was the first 16mm I personally DP's and it really impressed the crap out of my fellow classmates, but I feel I could have done a much better job. Is it possible to grab a light kit, and a few rolls of 35mm still film and do some testing with my SLR? play with the different film stocks? Like I heard that the "HD Film" is the Kodak Vision2 400T, so If I did some testing in still photography and save myself a lot of fu**ing money (lets face it, shits not cheap for a highschool kid living on his own) will it have the same results as if I was shooting motion picture? I've got some Superia Reala 100 in my camera, my lightmeter right here, would you suggest doing some testing in this manner? I just want to see how these stocks handle color and contrast at different exposures, under exposing some shots, then going over a stop, check the lattitude, shadow detail etc...any advice or suggestions from *Experienced DP's* would be appreciated...thanks
  6. I will be moving to Germany for a while in the Summer of 2005 and I want to be able to find work there. If anyone knows anything, or can help me get work It would be so appreciated. thanks (and yes I do speak German) Allen Achterberg
  7. If I had the money to snag me some Kodak 500T i would, without a doubt. So I guess I will just get the Balls shoot it, then hope for the best, I've been working on my lighting situation all week and Im pretty damned sure I shall be ok.
  8. I am having a similar Problem, Im not very experienced DP'ing yet, been doin the AC thing so Im sort of getting the Hang of it. Im still in highschool., and I am shooting a night scene on 16mm (Kodaks Vision 200T) without any really wide shots, all the shots will be fairly close or Med. I have the SR2 package with an Anginuez 2.8 zoom lens. as for lights I've got ONE 2K fresnel, 2 550's and one 350. I fear I may not have enough light for the ASA im shooting. I got the film for free (400') and the camera for free. Same with the lights, im only paying telecine and processing. I am telling the DP I usually work with that I will be able to pull it off (He is gaffing for me) and he seems a bit worried. I do not intend to light up the whole area...I want a lot of shadows, a lot of blacks. the 2k will be used for moonlight so that will most likely become my backlight as well, do you think I will be ok if I shoot MED and Close the whole time? please help me soon Im shooting in a week, I know its short notice but theres nothing I can do at this point...my inexperience will teach me through this im sure. thanks, Allen
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