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  1. Single Channel Complete kit for both 15mm and 19mm rods. Came TV put their name on a Cine gears single channel unit. Works great, not pictured but included is USB charging unit. Upgraded to FIZ. In perfect condition. Paid $800 asking $250 + Shipping. In box ready to ship. Located in Central California, Venmo or Paypal accepted. See pics, ask any questions you may have.
  2. as others have clearly stated, not it will not make a real visual difference. I'd focus more on the quality of the VHS, the player and the ingest method. I did this with my shogun with a 10$ adapter from walmart and felt no loss. Just get the best gold cables so you can rule frame drops out. otherwise, whats left is what's left.
  3. I don't want to be the guy who does not answer your question But I cannot answer it. I think you are obviously a person who is serious, and found this forum for a reason. Watch this forum daily and google what you can, ask what you cannot find answers to. Big fish swim here, and will happily share secrets. Grab a camera and shoot. and ask specifics. There are no silly questions unless its (what camera do I buy?) - Stick around.
  4. I've got a Cinegears Follow Focus, and need to run off of a smaller 3 axis gimbal that offers no power solutions, what lightweight battery options are there that feature a D-Tap power output? I've googled, and found nothing spot on. anyone have any insight? thanks
  5. theres more to creating an image that make people WANT vs just showing something in a fashion the will never see. You need to use elements to create a feel for the property, that fits with the demographic who can afford such. at this point, unless you create emotion in your images, real estate agents can grab a SD quad copter for under a hundred bucks, and go into it with the same mindset you have shown. If you want to be successful I recommend you time you time and choreograph your shots a bit better, as to do something THEY can't. From the video I see, I imagine agents taking a chance one these cheap drones and feeling more than fulfilled. your work must be unattainable images
  6. really? I've been searching and cant seem to find them. I'll search again now. link just in case?
  7. Dug up a few of these from storage, tested them, some work, most don't. quick internet search didn't help much. Maybe someone can point me in the direction on where to find replacement globes for these older fellas. Molefays have a Dichroic lamps, and put out a decent warmer daylight tone, I'd love to find some of those. any help? Best Allen
  8. Well done. Looked incredible, I'd like to watch the whole short
  9. if I gel windows, I lose interior exposure, that's where I get my ambient exposure from. any further ideas? thanks
  10. Ya we have a few, edges are terrible for color, not much output either. Maybe I should be thinking about a strong halogen on camera type light gelled half blue, dont mind warm interiors.
  11. I'm hoping to find a cheaper solution. Looking to purchase. thanks for input
  12. I dont have a lot of time to shoot these things(30mins EXT-30mins INT), so a simple set up, that is battery powered is best. I will include an example so you understand my challenges. All I really need is a soft filler light source to help balance windows (dont need detail in them, just slightly less nuclear) and fill in dark holes. Any Ideas? input would greatly be appreciated. (incase anyone is wondering, powering the practicals inside of these does very little to help and most units dont have day shades to black out sunlight) EXAMPLE (feel free to skip to the INT stuff about a minute into video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CwEaYRoO94 this was was a little more challenging due to outside light conditions and the way the windows were https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiIkqaBVwks Best Allen
  13. I will be shooting a lot of videos of some RV's Toy Haulers etc, Tight spaces and need a good exposure without diming the ISO. I have to close the blinds etc because looking out the windows you see other units and its just not pleasing. This makes it pretty dark. I need something battery powered and portable. The spaces are very tight, I need it to be daylight balanced and soft much preferred. I really wanted to find some sort of Battery Powered 500w Daylight balanced Chinese Lantern. But open to anything recommended. Need to order ASAP. Don't worry about budget Thanks Allen
  14. I would rarely use a 3" except in some tight handheld situations like walking through a party type scene anything longer might get in the way, the longer lengths are important for walking alongside a dolly or small jib work. Dont over think this, if you are in a situation where your hand cannot reach the follow focus, an extension should be available to help you get control of the follow focus unit again. that's how you choose
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