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  1. Before I finished a recent project in FCPX, I noticed above the viewer screen the project title name as Not knowing what this meant, I continued and finished the edit. Then, upon completion, I tried to upload the video to Vimeo. When I clicked on "share", the export destinations, including Vimeo, were all in grey font. I am not able to click on the links to upload. I tried duplicating the project and created a "new" project with that duplication. Same issue. Unable to upload. What's the deal? Steve
  2. I imported clips and confirmed they were in fact in the event browser. The next time I entered FCPX, approximately 50% of the event clips had the dreaded red/yellow "Missing File" icon. These clips were imported to a library project that was previously on a different hard drive. They were imported to the new hard drive after I changed the storage location of that particular library of events to the second external hard drive. I've selected the clips that are missing. Choose File > Relink Files When the new window appears I cannot find a match. I click on the devices icon, even the hard drive that used to contain that library title, and I don't see the missing files. Makes no sense. I know for a fact the clips were at one time in the library. I never erase (initialize) a media card before I confirm that media has been imported. If I'm missing something in this recovery process, please, please respond with possible solutions. Thank you. Steve Denny
  3. I just loaded my CF Card into the reader and clicked "import" like I've done hundreds of times before. The very last clip on this ingest did not import to FCPX. All the others made it in. I put the card in my camera and verified it is in fact on the card. Anyone have this happen to you and is there a solution? Thank you. Steve
  4. The reader does in fact read other cards properly. It's possible this individual did not format the card prior to shooting, I suppose. If it was not formatted, is there any options to still recover the b-roll?
  5. I have some b-roll that was recorded in 4K on a micro SD Card. It was produced from the Mavic Pro drone camera. When I try to ingest it to my FCPX, I get the alert "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer" with options to "ignore", "eject" and "initialize". I haven't hit the initialize tab for fear of it wiping the card clean. The other two options provide no solution. How can I convert this footage to be imported into my FCPX workflow for edit? In the future, should I make sure the client records in 1080p setting? I hope someone can assist me on this matter. Thank you. Steve
  6. For years I said I would never "chase the work". However, the incentives have bottomed out here in Texas and production is damn near non-existent. Just looking for ya'lls thoughts; pro and con. How would you approach and plan for this desperate choice? I'm considering leaving my family here in Austin, moving into a crappy, cheap apartment outside Atlanta to see If I can't land a few operating jobs in the next few months. An AD friend of mine, who relocated from Austin to Georgia several months ago, wrote me last night and said: "You should come this way. It’s a bounty unlike anything you have ever seen. Camera is always in demand as there is a shortage. Currently we have 41 shows going on here simultaneously. A new show lands and inquires about every 3 to 5 days." If I remember, isn't there a "grace period" under the IATSE Local 600 bylaws that says when one relocates, you cannot do union work for a certain number of weeks/months? Does anyone know what that time frame is? Any insight or experience with this topic will be appreciated. Thank y'all... Steve
  7. Thank you Brian.....don't know why I couldn't find the manual on the web. Anyway, problem solved. Steve
  8. I've heard and read operators say that they have used the C300 Noise Reduction feature on the camera. I don't consider myself to be an idiot, but for the life of me, I cannot find anything in it's menu for NR. I'm renting it for a few days and do not have the manual. If someone knows that NR is in this camera's menu, PLEASE tell me where to find it. Steve
  9. I'm trying to take GoPro footage from my FCPX and create frame grabs/stills to be exported as a Jpeg file. When I create a still frame from the FCPX timeline and email it, it arrives as a still that has a play/pause menu...much like a quick time file but it is a still frame. I'm trying to use my UAV to grab aerials of some real estate properties and send the realtor photos they can post on their site. But I can't send them the frames I'm getting with the with a Quick Time look. I think they need a Jpeg to pull to load into the site. I attached an example of what I'm getting. I know there's an easy way to accomplish this, I just don't know what it takes. freeze frame test - Small.mov
  10. Just discovered Optical Flow and Frame Blending....Magic! Thank you.
  11. "It may be your GoPro frame rate differs from the frame rate of your timeline." Thanks, Joel. What doesn't make sense is the raw clips imported to the event library playback smooth and clean. It's when I drag the clips into the timeline to edit they play back with a "stutter". My system is a an iMac Retina 5K...3.5GHz Intel Core i5....32GB of RAM....1600MHz DDR3. More than enough to support this footage. I'm clueless with Frame Blending or Optical Flow. As for transcoding the footage before editing, Will, I have no idea how that is done.
  12. I'm sorry if this topic has been addressed. I have used the forum search engine with all the keywords and have not found it. My GoPro footage that I ingest to FCPX is fine and smooth in the event library. After I edit it into a project--and after it has fully rendered--it plays back choppy. Any positive feedback is appreciated. Thank you. Steve
  13. Thank you, Gregory, for replying to my simple inquiry with a simple answer, sans the insecure drama.
  14. Does anyone know of agencies that represent Local 600 Camera Operators? I do know of many agents that represent DP's. Is there representation for Operators out there? Thanks. Steve
  15. Hi Folks, I just bought an iMac 5K to be used primarily for my FCPX editing. (3.5 GHZ Intel Core i5, 32GB RAM, Graphics AMD Radeon R9 M290X 2048 MB) I have no experience with external hard drives and would appreciate, very much, any input with your experiences in this area. I need to use it for my editing so I do not bog down the Mac system. Estimating that my production usage will require between 4-8 TB, what drive do you favor and why? My research has me looking at Seagate, Western Digital, G-Raid and the Pegasus line. I appreciate any input from all of my esteemed friends on the forum! Steve Denny
  16. Phil, I just watched the link at Is that 24fps video converted to highspeed? Amazing.
  17. Yes, Phil, they want to use the 60fps for slo-mo, just as we get when we shoot a 60-frame shot in film. I just did not think you could take the 24fps recorded video and overcrank it to 60fps in post without terrible flutter.
  18. I have the Varicam 27H. We shot some footage at 24fps. Now the director wants the 24fps converted to 60fps! I think we're screwed? Though I have read many times that 720p format is always recording to a progressive 60 (59.94) frame tape format. Is there any way to convert this 24fps to a 60fps in post? Steve
  19. Please, no sarcastic remarks to my dumb question. If I shoot a Varicam for a shop that is 1080i, can the 720p format from the Varicam be converted in any way to appease the 1080i folks?
  20. I've been shooting 2nd Unit on NBC's Friday Night Lights for two years...our production in Austin went dark on December 4th.....and we were planning to shoot through February. I do have many clients outside of the union which helps very much to move through this strike. So yes, I am affected in some manner, but have more than enough options outside of the strike.
  21. I do not have a web site to load a Quick Time of my various reels. Is there a site/service that will allow me to send them the DVD of my work and have it loaded onto a link so it may be accessed by those who wish to see it? Thank you! Steve
  22. I have a Canon HJ 22ex7.6B HD lens. I'd like to buy a quality fisheye adapter and a wide angle zoom thru lens. If anyone can give me their suggestions or favorites in this area, I will truly appreciate it. Thank you in advance. Steve
  23. Thanks, Mitch.... The Goodman's Guide was presented to me as a thorough "bible" for the Varicam. On page 142 of the manual there is a warning highlighted in a red box that states: "Warning: If the setting of the BATTERY SELECT (5:2a) does not match the battery mounted on the camera, the run time of that battery will be drastically reduced." With that in mind, I thought I must follow the instruction on that same page for initial camera set-up which is to go through the menu and eliminate those batteries not in my arsenal (for convenience of selection, I suppose) but it is strongly stated that the battery I do use should be the battery I have chosen in the menu. I do not see a Hytron series 140, so I suppose I will make sure "H100" is highlighted when I put that pack on. Thanks you for educating a "film guy" trying to catch up to the HD world! Steve
  24. I'm running through the Varicam's Battery Selection Menu to eliminate those batteries that I will not have to my service and trying to include the ones I will have. I have Dionic 90's and Hytron 140's. I do not see the Hytron listed in the menu. Does the Varicam not accept the Anton Bauer Hytron 140?
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