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  1. Some info from Sweden, VAT not included. Not stills though, more like cameraman. Halfday (4 hours) I would say at least $280. A whole day I think between about $500-$650, with $350 as an absolute minimum if working "pro". This is ordinary videocamerawork like news, filming conferences, information movies etc. I think a pro commercial/film photographer is more like $1400-$2100 a day. This is in Sweden remind you.
  2. I've made a DVD in encore. How do I convert it to .avi or .wmp or similair? Have subtitles in encore, that's why I want to export the entire project to DV or WMP.
  3. What would be a reasonable price to ask for regarding a production of a short information film about 8 minutes long describing a company's activities? Basically a half day of shooting, then edit + Voice over and music added. Company from USA. Film to be used on homepage.
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