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  1. Thanks guys for your advice and wisdom!! I really appreciate it, as I'm still fairly new to movie making(two years). A little more detail on my situation: I am a very low budget film maker that lives in southern Alberta in practically the middle of no where.....I am the only movie maker in this area that I know of. So I'm one of those movie makers who has to be the director, producer, and DP, editor...etc. I don't think there is even a place to rent a prosumer camcorders around where I live... I know you guys are thinking then why are you even trying to be a movie maker?? :rolleyes: Cause I love it!! Now you guys know my situation a little better. Thanks again! I really appreciate all your guys wisdom!
  2. So you guys are saying not to even bother with the hv20? I heard a few people say the it comes close to the video quality of the HVX200. JVC hd110 is about the same price as the HVX200 right now...would you suggest getting the HVX over the hd110?? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the advice guys! Appreciate.
  4. Hi, I am an aspiring young(18 years old) filmmaker from Canada. My Q is: I am saving up for a camcorder....I currently have Sony's HDR-HC1, but the LCD screen went on it...so I am looking to buy another camcorder. Its primary use will be for movie making(feature/short films). At first I wanted JVCs hd110...but it is way out of my price range right now! I have heard a lot about Canons HV20...do you think the HV20 would be adequate to do a feature film with a 35mm lens adapter?? I already have BeachTek XLR adapter. Would you suggest on buying the HV20(600$) and use the money I save from not buying a higher-end camera to buy a 35mini adapter and lighting? And do think the HV20 would suffice until I can afford a higher-end camcorder?? Or should I continue and save up for a professional camcorder and not waste my money on a lower-end camcorder? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Joel Jost www.youtube.com/joeljost
  5. Thanks, The reason I had the wheels offset was, so when the wheels go over the cracks in the pipe it wont effect it as much. Like I sad, it couldn't be smoother! Yeah, I do plan on putting a push pole on it. Thanks for your advice! Joel
  6. Thanks! All you have to do to connect the pipe is buy one size smaller pipe to fit inside the pipe you have. It's that simple! Joel
  7. Thanks, They are 52mm(16) Poly Urethane skate board wheels. Ebay is the best place to buy them! Here is a link to a ebay stroe that has good prices! : http://search.stores.ebay.com/Slam-N-City-...5011901QQsofpZ0 You will need bearings on both sides of each wheel, so you will need 16 wheels (52mm to 54mm work good) and 32 bearing (abec 7 bearing work the best. Also buy hard wheels (99a)) , you should be able to get the wheels and bearing from Ebay for about 50 dollars!! VERy good deal! The platform was made out of 1/2 inch plywood. I gut it into three pieces of 2 1/2 feet by 4 feet, then screwd all three together, so it's an 1 1/2" thick. The anlge iron is 1 1/2 aluminum. T The bolts were 2''. The PVC pipes diameter is 1 1/4". and buy a few feet of 1'' to make connectors. If you have any more Q's just ask! Joel
  8. Thanks, The track automatically stays parallel with each other, as the wheels roll on the track it straightens it out if there not parallel. A lot of people a attach the PVC pipe to wood. We took one shot with in a rocky area and just supported both ends and worked great! It's silky smooth! Joel
  9. Here is a camera dolly I made! VERY smooth!! If you have any Q's please ask! Joel
  10. I got it to work! What I did was I took one of my 1/8" jacks off one my old headphones and wired the XLR cable to it the way you said to, and it works great! Thanks a lot!! Joel Jost
  11. Thanks again guys! would this adapter work?: http://cgi.ebay.com/Neutrik-NC3FRC-B-3-Pin...8QQcmdZViewItem then use stereo cable to a stereo 1/8 jack? Thanks for your help! Joel Jost
  12. Wanted boom pole and shock mount
  13. Thanks guys! would a cable wired like this work? XLR Pin2 to tip, Pin 3 to ring, and Pin 1 to sleeve (ground), standard. Yes I'm sure my input jack is a 1/8" stereo input. Also, the mic is gonna be on boob pole so along of cable would be to long? Thanks again! Joel Jost
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