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  1. With the rumors of new reversal film and a new super-8 camera on the way, it got me thinking about shooting home movies again. I could easily shoot digital video. But for some reason I don't. If I did, it's not going to be one a reel in a box waiting to be pulled out and shown in the living room some friday evening with the family. It's on a hardrive somewhere or worse, deleted. And if shown it's going to be on a 9" ipad. What are your thoughts on the difference between a well shot super-8 film projected on a screen vs. an excellent transfer on to a bluray and displayed on a 70" LED screen? When I was a kid, receiving a roll of processed Kodachrome and projecting it was pure magic. Is there a difference in the dynamic of projection of film vs. digital in a living room setting?
  2. Thank you and no I did not color grade. This was pure 1980 kodachrom film. What is color grading? Color filtering digitally?
  3. This is my contribution to this forum. Although I've posted many times several years ago I've never posted my work. Here it is. Shot in 1980 on 2 rolls of Kodachrome film on a Saturday morning/ afternoon. The Goat Movie
  4. Not looking to replicate the reversal look. I want to project on a big screen family films. The "real" way films should be watched. No magic in electronic version.
  5. Are these the only reversal stocks in the world I can buy at present? Ektachrome 100D color 2 Kodak B&W stocks: Plus-X and Tri-X Any more? Fuji?
  6. Camera being sent back from Bernie at Super16 all ready to shoot. Completely refurbished, collimated, cleaned, U16, new batteries and I got a wide angle Canon adapter and a leather barney. The only thing we couldn't do to it is laser bright due to excessive glue in the lens mounts. I'll be receiving it Saturday.
  7. Hi John, yes they are from them. And yes archival version. They work but they appear cheap. Will they do the job, yes but the cans do not close tight. Very loose. The fact they are loose should not be a design of the "archival" properties of it since they have vents in the can. I'm just asking the crew here if there any alternatives. Thanks.
  8. Just got a slew from Urbanski's 800, 1200, 1600 gray plastic. They don't seem to close tightly. Plastic. Not sure of brand. Reel looks good, it's the cans I'm a little unsure about. What can, brand, and outlet do you use? Do you prefer Metal or Plastic?
  9. I know every-time you see some headline posted like this a debate is soon to erupt. However I have a new angle to ask a question from. When I was young I remember as I experience today the thrill when a fresh roll of newly shot film comes back from the developer. The experience has been described as "magic" Taking that roll threading it up in a projector and viewing it on a large white beaded screen is just so cool. Here's my question. For those of you who have felt this type of "magic" Do you get the same high when acquiring the same subject matter on a digital format that looks like film when viewed? So if you shoot super 16 and have it digitized and view it is it the same as if you shot it with a high end pro camera like a RED and view the footage? Perhaps if you are shooting super 16 or 35mm for a living the "magic" no longer there because it's just a job for you at this point. Let me know I'm curious. I'm thinking that a new roll of shot film projected onto a large screen has the most "magic" potential. What do you think?
  10. I priced one out today. $6,700. Why are they revered? Meaning what do they do with them that justifies the cost? I would think Xenon would justify the added expense and the direction I've seen most go, but $6700 for what. I'm very interested what the application is for such a machine. Anyone know who'd care to comment?
  11. Ok I'll be contact Bernie soon to ask these questions on the possibility of projector conversion to U16: 1.) Should I have two removable gates. One for R16 and another for U16 2.) Can I use both a 50mm and 38mm lens and not have issues with vignetting? 3.) Can we create a gate that is not going to scratch the film? 4.) Which projector should we use? 5.) Which projector has both 24fps and 16fps.? My Canon Scoopic M conversion should be done in the next week or so. Cleaned and tuned Conversion to U16 New professional battery system All completed at a reasonable price from Super 16.
  12. With the extinction of super-8 sound striped film, what 16mm system is the easiest for a home movie set up? I would be all over an optical or magnetic single system if it ever exists like the Canon Scoopic 200. Is there anyone striping 16mm film. Was there ever an optical sound single system ever? If super-8 still had it I would put up with the image stabilization issues and shoot it constantly.
  13. In 198? when I saw the documentary Imagine I remember seeing the beatles footage in 16mm or 35mm sort of like "home movies" of them getting off the plane at the airport in color. Then as I thought now, "Wow" wouldn't it be great to film home movies in 16mm or 35mm? The look is just so fantastic. My father shot our Christmas's from 1964-70 on a Arriflex BL he borrowed from work he shot a a cameraman. Talk about the incredible look and capture of those magical moments in my life. I'm in process of cleaning and re-reeling them. How to have some digital clips by Fall.
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