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  1. Great link Satsuki! Thanks so much!
  2. Hello all, I'm shooting a scene next week where two women are speaking in a living room, near a large window, while another situation takes place outside in the garden. I need to light the indoor scene at a level so that both scenarios are properly exposed. The women indoors will be at about 2 meters (6 feet) from the window. It'll be sunny outside. I've shot scenes like this many times, but to be honest I never really like the results. It always looks lit to me. How do you guys go about lighting scenarios like this? *** Note that this is a laundry detergent commercial, so high key and beautiful is what is being asked of me. If it where fiction, it'd be another story. Cheers
  3. Hello all, We recently shot an ad both in studio and outside. One can of Fuji Eterna 250 T got mixed in with the 250 D. Without realizing it (those labels sure look alike!) it got loaded and we shot a roll of the 250T out in the afternoon sun. The stock will be prepared for transfer to be used only on television. This has never happened to me before. Does anyone know how possible/impossible it is to correct this in postproduction, and will the results be decent? cheers
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