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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I was hoping for a bunch of rave reviews on the zooms so I could save 10k but I think maybe the primes are the way to go. We're starting a low-budget feature at the end of the month. I can rent a good zoom for that if needed or maybe buy an older zoom as suggested. I've worked on a few shoots with the red camera and the DPs on those shoots rented a quality zoom.
  2. We're purchasing a Red camera and I'm wondering about your experiences with Red Pro zoom lenses. There is a thread on the primes that got a lot of positive feedback but the jury seems to be out on the zooms. Thoughts? Since this is my first post (long-time lurker) I feel compelled to thank you all, especially David Mullen and similar posters for all the valuable information I've gleaned over the years. It's much appreciated.
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