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  1. Graham Murphy

    Camera Testing

    Hi All, I'm about to start testing for a drama using the Red. I'm just wondering what tests should I need to carry out - Lens tests, etc.? This is my first time where I have extensive testing with the camera. Is it different from normal prepping with a film camera? I look forward to your advice. Thanks in advance. Graham
  2. Hi, i'm just wondering what is the best way of making a rainproof cover for a camera (35mm, 16mm, HD, etc.) if you don't have the proper respective cover ? Here in the UK we usually use poly bags which we cut holes into for the eyepiece and perhaps follow focus? How do other people do it? I've seen a lot of behind-the-scenes making ofs where the transparent cover always seems to be a perfect fit for the camera. Thanks in advance. G
  3. Hi, I'm just wondering when you have to make measurements for something like a plate shot or a locked-off shot, it's easy to note the lens height, subject distance, etc. but how do I get the angle of tilt and other such measurements? thanks in advance. G
  4. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the proper procedure is in which to perform a "harp test" for lenses? I've looked up the archives and couldn't really find much. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Graham
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