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  1. Thanks, I think smoke is always better lit from behind. specialy when you have a hazy smoke. Big smoke clouds like from a train you will always see, but even beter when lit from behind. But my problem is not how to light it, but how to make it without any sound. Thanks anyway, Aage
  2. Thanks for the advice on lightning the steam. In our kitchen everything goes wrong :D , so we need a lot of smoke clouds. But I do not like a haze atmosphere.
  3. Hi, I am shooting a drama serie in a kitchen. It has to look very busy and chaotic. Therefore we see a lot of people cooking in the background. The problem is to create smoke and steam without any sound. Richt now we put in some smoke at the beginning of the shot, but it will not always last till the end. Also we use pans with boiling water for smoke. It would be nice to see clouds of steam/smoke setting free in the background during the shot. Any ideas or suggestions? Of course we are on a lowbudget. Aage The Netherlands
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