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  1. Looking to buy a used Arri Amira (full package) with the Premium licenses in US. (I'm located in Boston) PM or send email Thanks!
  2. Cannot figure out how to edit here, but would be interested in any offers anyone might have for the CP16R. Thanks! Ben
  3. I have a Cinema Products CP16R with stock lens (checked by WAV, and is clean), two 400' magazines, 2 batteries, battery charger, manual, and maintenance papers from Whitehouse AV. We purchased the camera for the asking price for a local music video that didn't pan out. The camera runs perfectly. Here is a link to the description on their site of the camera: http://whitehouseaudiovisual.com/CP-16R_Ca..._Package_1.html $1500 plus shipping. Be glad to talk with you on the phone as well.
  4. Thanks for the reply Tim. I guess these aren't my only two choices, just ones that have presented quickly. I am not looking to jump on a purchase quick, so any other advice in the price range of 1-2k would be appreciated. Again, looking for a beginner friendly camera with a little longevity when it comes to my learning curve.
  5. I have been studying the forums for months and am at a point where I would like to get a film camera to learn with. I own an HVX200 (Panasonic 24p) camera, but have a strong desire to learn to shoot/edit with film. I am also a veteran Media 100 and now Final Cut editor/producer, so I have seen all footage from P2 to Digibeta to XDCAM and still think film has the upper hand when it comes to my taste. I would like to shoot music videos, shorts, and creative programs with the camera. I know there are tons of choices, but right now I have an opportunity for the following two cameras: CP16/R maintained by Whitehouse - well kept and not banged up. With 12-200 Ang lens and all accessories. Not S16. $1300 (can be mod. to s16 with video tap and PL mount for addt'l $2500 +/-) Super 16 K-3 with crystal sync. $1400 If you were choosing between these two, which would you prefer. Which one would be best for me to learn with as a total beginner. Loading and actual hands on using rather than having an experienced DP do it for me. Since I have production knowledge I will probably be able to put it to use for something sooner than later. Thanks.
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