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  1. Thanks for the feedback Phil! I was actually playing around with the thought of shooting the stage material with a tube camera, but decided not to since it would give it more of a 70's look than an 80's look. But that definition only comes from my own head and I didn't do any actual research on which years what was used. Nets was a great idea! I'll definitely try to play around with that on the next video.
  2. Hi all! Did a video, a few months back, for some friends that has a 80's style heavy metal band. Tried to get an authentic 80's look on the whole thing but being on an extremely tight budget had to cut some corners here and there (like shooting digital). Also had some real issues with editing the video in an early 80's pace, since it just feels to slow for my 2019 brain. Ended up with a higher tempo than videos from that time, but still bit slower than modern music videos. Please watch and make comments on how to get a more authentic 80's vibe for the next one. All feedback is appriciated. Thanks! /Erik
  3. Hello all! Does anyone know if the pesky cracker oil residue, that tends to cover every lens and filter after a day of shooting in cracker smoke, can somehow reach the internal ND's of an Arri Amira? Or is that part of the Amira hermetically sealed? Regards, Erik Andersson, 1st AC, Sweden
  4. Selling of some filters. They all come in their original pouches (but with the annoying sewn in black Tiffen-cloths taken out). Located in Gothenburg, Sweden Tiffen 4x5.65 ND-kit: Used but in good condition. ND.3 ND.6 ND.9 ND1.2 ND1.5 ND1.8 ND2.1 (has a thin scratch, about 1cm long, 25% in from the edge. Would be extremely surprising if it affects the image in any way.) Price: €800 + shipping Formatt 4x5.65 Hot Mirror: Used but in good condition. Price: €70 + shipping Tiffen 4x5.65 T1 IR: Used once. In great condition. Price: €120 + shipping Schneider 5x5 Circular True-Pol: Used once. Like new. Price: €120 + shipping Tiffen 4x5.65 Enhancing Used once. Great condition. Price: €100 + shipping Tiffen 4x5.65 Chocolate 1 Like new. Price: €100 + shipping /Erik Andersson, 1st AC, Sweden
  5. After playing around a little with the camera, an SDI-monitor, a vectroscope, and a extremely evenly lit piece of paper yesterday I soon figured out how to adjust it somewhat and what the different settings actually do. So no more need to explain them to me. Thanks! Yes, I understand the importance of the procedure being done correctly but there´s nothing wrong with beeing able to do it in the field in a worst case scenario(for example if you are filming in antarctica and get the camera shipped to you so you haven´t had a chance to go through it before the start of the shoot), or is it?
  6. My first post here at Cinematography.com! I´m trying to learn how to make my own lens files for the Sony 530P(it´s easy to complain about rental houses not setting up the cameras correctly but when you´re standing there, on set, with a weird looking picture due to a non existing Lens file it´s better to have some knowledge of how to fix it than to just complain) but I´m finding it extremely complicated compared to, for example, the Varicam. Can anyone explain what the differen parameters in the "white shading" menu page affect? I´ve also noticed that the slight colour shift (magenta on top, green at the bottom) is consederably less with the 530P compared to Sonys HD cameras(the 750 and the 900). Anyone who knows why?
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