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  1. Annie? Is she a board member here?
  2. hey all...am getting paperwork worked out to take the Camera Guild test for when they schedule it this year (eastern region) and was just curious to see if anyone had taken the test before...and if so...what the subject matter was like, format of the test, etc. I've decent amount of field experience as camera trainee/camera dept. pa/addtional 2nd on some large budget shows as well as operating experience on loads of cable reality-ish programming, but was curious to see how in depth the test gets, what it focuses on, etc. Advice much appreciated!
  3. i've not read through all of these posts so someone else may have said it, but it's not too hard. we used a clapper on camera to sync it w/ our DAT and then made sure our editor had it all lined up. it turned out rather well, just...try and get a quiet camera :) or have lots of noise!
  4. Hey all, My name is Eoin. I live up in that great white north of MINNEAPOLIS. Anyways, I'm a student at MCTC film dept. I recently transferred from the horrid UW-milwaukee dept (hailed for their experimentality aka having professors who've not taught 16mm courses in 7 years instruct...*shocker* 16mm courses!). I just moved back from working in chicago however. Kind of the in house PA for big deahl productions (www.bigdeahl.com) table top commercial studio. It was fun work, but mostly it left me with knowledge of what i want to do in this field. It's always so wishy washy isn't it? What am I meant to do with this degree in film i'm seeking, you can go so many ways. Anyways, that's why I'm here. I'm the slightly seasoned PA who wants to figure how to start breaing into CA work, etc. Anyone here from MPLS or the midwest? Any advice on how to make the jump? so....thats it. hello, and i hope to get to know some of you better.
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