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  1. Hi guys, what filter shoud i put on my tungstun light to match ugly orange sodium light on the street? thanks in advance ravi sudarshan
  2. Ravi

    ccd size

    Hi sorry for delayed response.I was busy finishing 2nd lag of the shoot. I checked the camera status,it is 11.and no ,the image does not get noisy at wide.Let me take footage to luster,and post a fresh one.Thanks ravi sudarshan
  3. Ravi

    ccd size

    Another image....I am loading more compressed image...my net is very slow
  4. Ravi

    ccd size

    Hi here are the frames,I grabed it from avid machine ....LUT is not applied yet .Thanks Ravi Sudarshan
  5. Ravi

    ccd size

    Just give me 2/3 days and I will post the frames.Equipment is hired from hydrabad based company in india.
  6. Ravi

    ccd size

    Hi I have shot for 20 days with viper now,I love easy to use approach of the system.What I did not like is its electronic viewfinder and lack of balance when one is doing handheld work.Another problem that we are facing is time code breaks.The workflow that we are following is record on venum flash then transfer the data on HD tape at HQ mode.I have shot alot in low light,hope my footage is not going to be grainy....Thanks Ravi sudarshan
  7. Ravi

    ccd size

    Sorry I forgot to mentioned my complete name its ravi sudashan,my apologies..
  8. Ravi

    ccd size

    Hi guys, I am shooting my next feature on LKD7500 viper which is a wonderful camera.But I am wondering why would engineers at thomson gv would opt for 2/3' ccd sensor and not a super 35 size or bigger one.Afterall it is a state of the art ,professional camera, it will be a marginal addition to overall price.Your thought on this? Thanks in advance Ravi
  9. Hi I am shooting a documentry on film.My dir wants long streaks of moving traffic lights.please let me know how to get it. thanks .ravi sudarshan
  10. Ravi

    suspended time

    Hi guys, this is regarding "Contantine" and the scene is that Lucifer meets constantine and then turn to go to next room to cheak his son's deed who is about to born.and then time freezes and shattered glass is suspended in the air.I know it is CG work but is that achievable in camera at 500 frames and 90shutter?Thanks Ravi Sudarshen
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