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  1. I never had any problems with the blacks of the dvx. I mostly shoot with the cinegamma-preset mode, because it is a little flat in the contrast but gives me more room for color correction in the postproduction. So it wouldn´t look great just out of camera but it is very useful in the post. And postwork is always a big part for my images when shooting with video. By the way: what really pisses me of with the dvx is that strange red color hue that gets sometimes visible on bright highlights in the frame. note: "ros lea" is in no way associated with rage on stage. I was just a little bit confused myself ;)
  2. About the crane: it was indeed a lightweight crane (but a bit too long for jib, I guess). It was a 5 meter crane from abc-products.
  3. Hi Kieran, no big postproduction on this trailer. It was made very quick and dirty on a mac using Final Cut pro 4. So a bit contrast boosting and some fast blurr-masks, but nothing special. Most of the look was actually created in camera, using a samll but fine ballpark of light equipmet from ARRI Rental Berlin: We had three 2K Studiolights, one 4-feet KinoFlo, three 300W, three 800W and three Dedolights 150W. In addition a lot of Grip-stuff, like Magic-Arm and C-Stands. It was all free, because some of our crew members work at this rentalhouse sometimes and ARRI is in germany very well kown to support aspiring filmmakers with little to no budget. So a lot of the 10.000 Euros were dropped for the catering of 13 Crew Memebers over a shooting period of three months. Except of the built in ND Filter, there was no filtration on the camera-lens at all. Because of the extremly deep focus of this small videochips, I always shot with the lens wide open to decrease the focus range. This made it sometimes very hard for me to adjust the foucs, because there was no camera-assistent for that. But the resulting images were absolutly worth the pain. Shooting with f-stops around 1.6 to 2.8 it is actually very helpfull having that high shutter speeds. On the set, we had a very good calibrated sony monitor, which was very carefully watched by the director. So the last word about exposure wasn´t given to a lightmeter or a number on my camera, but to the look on that monitor. The light style was at the start of the prodcution set to a very high glossy look, doing as much backlighting, kinoflo-actors-face-flattering-soft-lighting and warm colorfilters on the lamps as possible. In addition I sometimes cheated with the whitebalance to give the images that red look. Thanks for the interest, Christian.
  4. The running time of the full movie will be something like under 80 Minutes. It is still in post-production and some reshoots are also needed. The trailer only has a temp score and soundeffects, a talented musician is working on a completly original soundtrack and the final soundmixing will be much more fine-tuned. The camera we used was the good old Panasonic DVX100. No HD, and probably no big screen for our movie. But we hope for a DVD Distribution and planing a tour through german independent cinemas and festivals. Speaking about the money, there isn´t a big market for indi-films in germany right now, but young audiences seem to get more interested in movies beyond their multiplex-cinemas in the neighbourhood. We always get great feedback at independent filmfestivals. In german cinemas, from all movies that come out in a year, about 25% are "home grown". That is quite a good number, but most of this films are very stupid comedies. But some smaller movies (like the ones from Andreas Dresen and Christian Pätzold) are little masterpieces that have a not-so-big but growing audience. We know very well about the fact that we´re not making shakespeare here: Most of the crew-members trying to fullfill all their childhood dreams in the safe and unharming world of low-budget horrormovie (well, it isn´t always that safe actually). And while we´re having a lot of fun, we´re getting more and more professional. That "28 Days Later-Look" for me is very much the use of handheld camera work and a high shutter setting - and we indeed have a lot of that in our movie. I shot most of the action scenes with a shutter of 250/1. @Robert G Andrews: thanks for the hint about the subtitles, we work on that.
  5. Hello everybody, this is my first post here. I hope you´ll enjoy the trailer for this ironic ActionHorrorMovie from Germany called "Rage on stage". Made for under 10.000 Euros, it is a total labour of love from young filmmakers. (including me, the director of photgraphy of this movie) Rage on Stage - Trailerpage - Choose "English Sub" Please feel free to post your honest opinion!
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