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  1. Well, its shooting time again. EXT. TRAIN YARD. - DAY. Heres the problem, I'm a great DP in INT situations. I know how to control light, use it, and make my audience feel it, but the second I step outdoors I'm completely lost. I know what a butterfly is, I know when to use a butterfly, but I don't know how to use it. I know what a reflector is, how to use them, but my problem is when to use them. Same thing with the larger board reflectors on stands. The second I step outside and try to shoot something, everything I shoot has no contrast at all. I can't seem to take my experience and skill from indoors to outside. I'm shooting video on a DSR-250 which (in my opinion) has pretty good contrast. I want to shoot on film, but the only thing I can even begin to afford is to buy a cheep 8mm off of eBay and shoot stock from Pro8mm.com. Help please? -LDS
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