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  1. who can recommend a book about the history of cinematography of cinematography technology?thanks
  2. thanks ,very important information for me. thank you very much
  3. who can tell me which digital movie camera can Infrared cinematography? Alexa mini LF can do? if it can , how to do?
  4. who now more about ACHTEL 9×7 65 Megapixel Motion camera? it's price? and user manual?
  5. oh , my studio have one ,but I haven't really used it yet. thank you
  6. I want to go on ask , for the HDR monitor , the white also should be 100 nits or 29.2 fL? thanks
  7. thank you Bruce Greene, It is good for me!!!
  8. who can tell me how many footlambert the white bars used to determine the contrast in N color bar signal? I remember seeing in a photographer's manual that it was written 35 foot candle, but the foot candle was a unit of illumination, not a unit of brightness . If you measure brightness, how many feet of Lambert should it be?
  9. I want to know how the '800% ' is calculated? thanks
  10. What is an 800% dynamic range and how it is calculated? thanks
  11. I am flint-lee, thanks

  12. How do I add a 2.39-1 mask to ALEXA Mini, and the surrounding data can be displayed, but the area outside the screen is opaque?
  13. the article "Cutting-Edge Clarity"of cinematographer magazine in december 2016 is talking about anglee's film Halftime Walk. in this article Technical Supervisor Ben Gervais talk about motion blur and judder, I am really confused about the difference between motion blur and judder. Or is there a difference? judder is due to the 24fps of film? or motion blur is only about 3D? please give me a clear answer, thanks!
  14. I want to know the means of the letter "X" in the kodak Tri-X film. thanks!
  15. i have heard about the "sweet spot" of camera lens when using the iris. who can tell me what is the "sweet spot"? is it right about "the sweet spot is the biggest iris reduce three ”?thanks!
  16. hi, everybody i want to see my logic footage direct to 709 LUT, which video player can do it ? thanks!
  17. http://www.marshallmonitors.com/products/monitors/images/falseCol_images.jpg this image is about expose level judged by false color. my question is whether it is alexa or red false color? the false color is not the same as expose to the Caucasian or Mongolia? who can give me a accurate image indication? In my experience,when i expose the face, the correct level is the highlight of face appear pink ,is it right? thanks!
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