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  1. Jonas W

    Flash effect

    Hi In some weeks i am going to shot a music video. In the video we have a scene in an fashion show. The image we want to create look like this In The dark area we want to have photographic flashes. And now to my questions. What is the best way to create this, does it work With a real photographic flash or do you need to fake it with some other type of light ?. I also wonder What’s the best way to create the effect that you can see in file 1 The camera we are you is hvx200 with mini35 and ziess High speed 1.3 lenses.
  2. Hi chris. I dont now if this is any help to you. But it works fine i both Final Cut and Premiere pro. /jonas
  3. Hi I have a question about varicam workflow with miranda. I wonder if you can get a dvcam copy for editing. if your a doning like this 1. put the hd tape in the camera. And from the camera take out a hd-sdi signal and put it in hd in on the miranda. 2. Then take out the signal through the fire output on the miranda. And connect it to a dvcam player like sony dsr11. 3. After recording the materials to dvcam tapes. i will import them in to Finalcut from the dvcam player. Is this workflow possible. Or do you need to have the varicam player. And the most importen thing does the timecode copy itself to the dvcam tapes. I Hope you understand. /jonas
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